How to Fix Windows 11 Files Explorer Crashing?

If you’re not a new users to Windows system, you may have had the experience that when you were searching a certain file on your computer, the file explorer was not working by letting you wait. File Explorer crashing is a common issue not only in Windows 10, but also in Windows 11. In this article, we will share you the general reasons that cause this issue and the efficient method to fix Windows 11 File Explorer crashing.

How to Fix Windows 11 Files Explorer Crashing

First of all, we should know the factors which caused the the File Explorer crashing. Usually, the following factors would be:

  • too many history in the File Explorer;
  • a certain file you’re locating may be corrupted;
  • a third-party programs installed on your PC may be not compatible with your Windows 11;
  • Too many junk files in your computer

Then, we come to get the solutions to fix Windows 11 Fire Explorer crashing in a proper way.

Solution 1: Restart Windows 11 File Explorer or Restart your PC

As you know, restart is the most common and efficient way to fix various kinds of system issues. When your File Explorer is not working to help you locate your files, you can try to restart your PC. If your work has not been saved and don’t like to reboot the system, restart Files Explorer will be your best option.

Here the steps are:

  • Use hotkeys by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete to select Task manager;
  • Under Processes, click on Windows Explorer to end the task;
  • Try to locate your files via file explorer again;

Solution 2: Clear the History Cache in File Explorer in Windows 11

Because too many cache will slow down the file accessing speed or cause the File Explorer not working problem. We suggest you to regularly clear cache to accelerate your computer file accessing speed, then you can work in a more efficient way.

Here the steps are:

  • Click search icon in the Task bar and search Control Panel;
  • In the search box of Control Panel, enter File Explorer;
  • Under General tab, choose This PC option in the drop-down menu next to Open File Explorer To:
  • Then click Clear in the Privacy option;
  • Click on Apply and OK to clear the cache.

Solution 3: Update or Uninstall the Incompatible Software in Windows 11

The outdated third-party program installed on your PC may conflict with your new system. You can try to update them or uninstall them to make your File Explorer work normally.

Here the steps to uninstall apps are:

  • Click on Start Menu icon and select Settings;
  • Under Apps, click Apps & features;
  • Locate the app you want to uninstall and right click it to choose Uninstall;

Solution 4: Keep Windows 11 Always Up-to-date

If you always keep your system up-to-date, the system bugs will reduce a lot. Because Microsoft will continue to fix the bugs caused by the system itself.

How to check Windows update in Windows 11?

  • Click Start Menu and choose Settings;
  • In the menu list, choose Windows Update;
  • Click the Check for updates button on the right;
  • Then Windows 11 will automatically update if there is any thing need to update;

Solution 5: Clean and Clear the Junk Files in Windows 11

Due to the long time running and too many folders stored in PC , or various kinds of programs installed in your PC, your system will become slower an slower, or even cause the system crashing or File Explorer crashing. In order to scan and clear the junk files and system cache in Windows, you can choose a third-party cleaner to help you out. IObit Advanced SystemCare and Piriform Ccleaner will be your best choice for the system cleaning and optimization for cleaner, faster and more secured PC.


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