How to Fix Windows 11 Bluetooth Not Working?

Today Bluetooth is a necessary part for quick and wireless connection. It can help you connecting to any other devices like your phone, microphone, speaker and other external devices in a wireless way.

However, computer users may encounter the problem: windows 11 Bluetooth is not working. It might be the problem of Bluetooth not turning on or Bluetooth not working when connecting to another device. Don’t worry, no matter what kind of problem you are facing, you can find the solution in this article.

Why Bluetooth is not working?

Before fixing the Bluetooth issues, let’s talk about why Bluetooth is not working at first. Missing or outdated drivers usually causes Windows 11 Bluetooth issues. but it is easily to fix if the Bluetooth issues is caused by drivers.

However, not all Bluetooth issues are caused by drivers. It even might be fixed by restarting your PC. So, let’s go through the following effective ways to fix Windows 11 Bluetooth issues one by one.

5 Effective Ways to Fix Windows 11 Bluetooth Not Working

There are five ways to fix Windows 11 Bluetooth not working, including some simple restarting operation and driver updating or reinstalling. After reading the following ways, you can fix your Bluetooth problem within a few seconds.

Ensure if your PC supports Bluetooth

If you find your Bluetooth is not working, don’t panic, just make sure if your computer supports Bluetooth at first. But how to check if your PC supports Bluetooth? Let’s go through the following steps below.

Launch and click on Device Manager app by searching Device Manager in the Search menu.

 Device Manager in Windows 11
Launch on Device Manager

Locate the Bluetooth in Device Manager. Click on Bluetooth to check if there are the devices listed the same as below image. If there are, it represents your computer most probably supports Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Settings in Windows 11
Check Bluetooth

In order to confirm that, you can check if the Bluetooth is listed under Network adapters. If it is, you can make sure that your computer supports Bluetooth. But if you don’t find Bluetooth in Device Manager, which means your computer doesn’t support Bluetooth. In that case, you need to change another computer to connect Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Device
Confirm Bluetooth support

Check if Bluetooth is turned on

If you ensure that your computer supports Bluetooth, but your Bluetooth is still not working, then you can use the next way to fix Bluetooth not working issue. That is check if your Bluetooth is turned on. Most users may forget to turn one their Bluetooth when they want to use Bluetooth connection. Your can check it by the following steps.

Press WINDOWS button plus A key to launch the Action Center. And then click Bluetooth icon to turn on it.

Turn on Bluetooth in Windows 11
make sure Bluetooth is turned on

Note: If you can’t find Bluetooth in the Action Center or want to know other ways to turn on Action Center, please check 2 Easy Ways to Turn On Bluetooth On Windows 11.

Run Windows 11 Bluetooth troubleshooter

If the Bluetooth is still not working by using above methods, then just check this way.

Launch Settings. Select System from the left window pane, and click on Troubleshoot at the right side.

find Troubleshoot

Select Other troubleshooters, click on the Run button next to Bluetooth.

Troubleshoot Bluetooth

Next, your system will automatically run the troubleshooter until the process is done. After that, you will know the Bluetooth issue is either or not solved.

Check if Bluetooth Support Service is running

There is another way to fix Bluetooth is not working, which is check if Bluetooth Support Service is running. If Bluetooth Support Service is disabled, your Bluetooth devices may be not work properly.

To check if Bluetooth Support Service is running, open service by press the Windows key then type services.

check Bluetooth Support Service

Double-click on Bluetooth Support Service.

Locate Bluetooth Support Service

Then, there will be a pop-up window appearing on your screen, drop-down the Startup type menu to select Automatic and click on Apply and then OK button.

Turn on Bluetooth Support Service

Fix Bluetooth driver issues

If all methods mentioned above are not working, you can try the last way. This method might be the most effective one which automatically updates drivers and let Bluetooth properly work.

To Update the Bluetooth driver, open Device Manager by pressing on the Windows key and type Device Manager.

Check Bluetooth driver

Click on Bluetooth and then right-click on the one you need, next select Update Driver.

Update Bluetooth driver

Next, choose Search automatically for drivers.

Automatically update Bluetooth driver

If Bluetooth drivers updating didn’t work yet, you can try to reinstall the drivers and check if the problem is fixed.

To reinstall the Bluetooth driver, launch Device Manager app, hit on Bluetooth section, then right-click on the one you need, and select Uninstall device.

Reinstall Bluetooth driver

Then, restart your PC to automatically install a new related driver.


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