How to Fix SSL Connect Error in Madden 23?

Madden 23 is an American football game with millions of users, which supports platforms such as Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and Windows. But recently, Madden 23 players encountered SSL connect error when playing the game. This article will introduce you to five different ways to fix SSL connect error in Madden 23.

What is SSL Connect Error in Madden 23?

To fix SSL connect error in Madden 23, you need to first understand what is causing the SSL connect error. According to the EA Games’ official Twitter, the SSL connect error is due to a problem with the game server. In other words, the problem is not caused by our game console. So we can try some ways to fix this problem.

5 Ways to Fix SSL Connect Error in Madden 23

Now, we know that the SSL connect error is caused by the game servers. fortunately, there are five ways you can try to use to solve this problem. Then, we will introduces these methods for you one by one.

Fix 1. Log in to the EA account

According to some players, this can be resolved by logging into their EA account and accepting the terms and conditions agreement.

1 Visit EA’s official website and log into your account.

2 And then accept the terms and conditions of the game.

3 Check if SSL connect error is resolved.

Fix 2. Disable two-factor authentication for EA accounts

Players who have enabled two-factor authentication are receiving a “Something went wrong” error message. After some players tried to disable two-factor authentication, the game started working normally.

1 Visit the official website for EA games.

2 Click on the profile icon and log into your account.

3 Choose the platform you play the game on.

4 Click Account Settings.

5 Click Security and Login to verify.

6 Click Disable and save changes.

Restart the game and check if the Something Went Wrong issue is resolved.

Fix 3. Wait for the official update

The developers at Electronic Arts are working hard to fix this. But because of this issue, EA’s entire service is facing some problems. So it will take some time to resolve the issue. Users are likely to receive an update soon after an official fix is available. Follow the steps below to check for updates on your console or device.

1 Open the game store from where you downloaded the game.

2 Go to download or select Madden 23.

3 Check for updates.

If an update is available, download it.

Fix 4. Restart the router

Many users reported receiving Something Went Wrong message because they were not properly connected to the internet. So try restarting the router. Try opening the game after restarting to check if the SSL connect error is resolved.

Fix 5. Restart the console

Consoles can cause issues with startup files not loading properly, so restarting your console is recommended. Some Madden 23 players have resolved the Something Went Wrong error message by restarting their consoles.


Millions of users have encountered Madden 23 SSL Connect Error so far. If you are one of them, please follow the five solutions provided in this article to try to solve SSL Connect Error in Madden 23.


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