How to Fix SSD Not Showing Up on Windows 11?

According to some user feedback, the SSD with basic information is not displayed after updating to Windows 11. This article will tell you how to fix SSD not showing up.

According to Windows 11 users, when they connect external devices (such as disks, HDDs or SSDs) to the computer, Windows 11 does not show external devices such as SSDs. There are two main reasons causing this issue:

  • If the problem occurs when a new SSD is connected to the computer for the first time, it may be because the disk has not been initialized or formatted.
  • If the problem occurs when using an old SS to connect to the computer, then the problem is that the SSD is already in use.

Next, we will focus on these two aspects to introduce how to fix the problem of Windows 11 not recognizing SSD.

Check the connection of the SSD

Remove the SSD, clean the attached ports and sides of the USB cable, and reinsert the SSD into the system.

If Windows 11 still doesn’t show the SSD, try connecting to another port. If the SSD starts to work, the problem is with the port.

Please try connecting it to another computer. If it is not recognized on other systems, reconnect to the first system and fix the problem as follows.

Initialize SSD

Press the Windows + S keys, enter Create and format hard disk partitions, and click the appropriate search result.

If the SSD shows Not Initialized with a black bar on top. Right-click on it and select the Initialize Disk option from the menu options.

Select the desired partition style from the options (MBR or GPT). GPT is recommended as more partitions can be created (GPT partitions are not recognized by Windows 8 and earlier).

After initializing the SSD, right-click it and select New Simple Volume.

Click Next to continue.

Enter the volume size in MB and click Next.

Select a drive letter and click Next.

Select the volume label and file system for the SSD and click Next, it is recommended to use the default entries at each step.

After verifying the details, click Finish.

Change/assign drive letter

Press Windows + S to open Search, enter Create and format hard disk partitions, and click the Open button.


Right-click the SSD volume and select Change Drive Letter and Paths from the options.

Click Add or, if the drive has already been assigned a letter, click Change.

Select the “Assign the following drive letter” option, select the desired letter for the SSD from the drop-down menu, click “OK” to assign.

Update SSD drivers

Press Windows + S to launch the search menu, enter Device Manager, and click the Open button.


Find the disk driver and double-click it to see all disk drivers attached to the system.

Right-click the problematic SSD and select Update Driver from the options.

Select the Search for drivers automatically option to update the driver for the SSD in question.

Next, the computer will automatically search for the best driver available and install it.


That’s all for how to fix Windows 11 not recognizing SSD issue.


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