How to Fix Sound Not Working in Windows 11?

Users may experience issues with sound not working on Windows 11. There can be many reasons why Windows 11 sound is not working, such as hardware and software failures. But don’t worry. This article will introduce 5 ways to fix Windows 11 sound not working.

Fix Sound Not Working in Windows 11

Fix audio not working in Windows 11

The next part will discuss the sound of Windows 11. Windows 11 does not work? There are several solutions.

1 Running Audio Troubleshooter

Try running Audio Troubleshooter to fix sound not working issue. The Audio Troubleshooter will automatically detect and solve the problem.

  • Press the Windows + I combination keys to open the settings on the computer.
  • In the system part, roll down to find and click the fault exclusion option.
  • In Audio Troubleshooter settings, click other troubleshooter. Find the audio option and click the running button on the audio option.
  • The Audio Troubleshooter will run automatically, detect and repair any questions about audio equipment or drivers.

After that, check whether the sound works normally. If not, try the next method.

2 Check the audio output settings

If there is no sound from your external audio device such as speakers or headphones, you can check whether the audio device is selected as the audio output. Connect your audio device to your PC first, then follow these steps:

  • Open your PC’s settings from the Start menu.
  • In the System section of Settings, click Sound Options.
  • You will see two sections, output and input.
  • You can select the output device of your PC and adjust the volume of the device in the output section.
  • You can also add new output devices for the PC’s audio output.

After the above steps, check if the following sound not working issue has been resolved.

3 Update the audio driver

If the sound on your PC is not working properly, it may be caused by an outdated audio driver. So, try updating the audio driver.

  • Open the start menu, search for device manager and open it.
  • Scroll down in Device Manager to find and double-click the Sound, Video, and Game Controllers option.
  • Then update the driver for the sound card.
  • Right-click the audio device, click Update Driver to update the driver for the sound card.
  • Do this for all audio devices separately.

Restart your PC and check if the sound not working issue is resolved.

In addition to manually updating drivers for audio devices, third-party applications can also be used to find drivers. You can also go to the sound card manufacturer’s website and search for the sound card model and find its driver.

4 Restart the speaker audio device

If the speaker doesn’t work on Windows 11, you need to check the settings. Restart the audio service and check if the Windows 11 sound not working issue still persists.

To restart the audio service, read the steps below:

  • Open the start menu, search for and open services.
  • In Services, search for and select Windows Audio.
  • Right-click Windows Audio and click the Restart option to restart the audio service.
  • Restart the Windows Audio Endpoint Builder and Remote Procedure Call.

This will help with the Windows 11 sound not working issue.

5 Check if the audio device is working or not

Sometimes a problem with the audio device can also cause the Windows 11 sound not working issue. You can try using speakers or Bluetooth headphones with your phone. If they work, there may be a problem with your PC. If they don’t work, the audio device may be faulty.

If using wired headphones, check the audio jack. If replacing one audio jack works fine, the audio jack may be faulty.

That’s all about the five ways to fix sound not working in Windows 11. If you are facing the sound not working issue, try any way above to solve it.


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