How to Fix Sons Of The Forest Crashing, Black Screen and Won’t Launch?

Sons of The Forest players have been experiencing Sons of The Forest crashes, black screens, and other issues recently. There are lot of reasons causing this problem. Next, we’ll cover what causes crashes, black screens, and how to fix Sons of The Forest crashes, black screens, and won’t start.

Crashes, black screens, and inability to launch games can happen for various reasons such as system requirements issues, outdated drivers, corrupted files, etc. First of all, we need to troubleshoot the system requirements, please check whether the device meets the system requirements of the game. If your system does not have the minimum requirements to run the game, you will face game crashes, failure to start and black screen issues.

Sons Of The Forest System Requirements

System RequirementsMinimumRecommended
DirectXVersion 11Version 11
Video cardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB or AMD Radeon RX 570 4GBNVIDIA GeForce 1080 Ti or AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT
Vertex shader5.15.1
Pixel Shader5.15.1
Storage20 GB20 GB
Dedicated video RAM3072 MB8192 MB

How to Fix Sons of The Forest Crashing, Black Screen and Won’t Launch?

If your device meets the minimum system requirements for Sons of The Forest, then read on for ways to fix crashes, won’t launch, and black screen issues.

Method 1: Update the graphics card driver

Sons of The Forest requires the latest graphics drivers to run properly on your system. This problem may occur on your system if you haven’t updated graphics for a long time. So it is recommended that you update the graphics drivers on your system to fix this issue.

1 Open Device Manager on your system.

2 Click Display adapters.

3 Right-click on the graphics driver you are using.

4 Select the Update Driver option.

5 After that, a screen will be displayed; follow it to update the graphics driver on your PC.

Method 2 Check server status

While the game is being played by millions of users, there is a chance that the game’s servers may experience problems, causing users to crash, black screen, and fail to launch. Therefore, it is recommended to check the server status from the official website of the game service provider, social media page or third-party website.

Method 3 Scan and repair game files

If some game files are missing, the game will start crashing with a black screen. Therefore, it is recommended to scan and repair the game files of the system to solve the problem. The game launcher has a “Verify Integrity of Game Files” feature. Use this feature in the game launcher and it will scan the game from scratch and fix corrupted files. Please follow the steps below to use this game launcher feature.

1 Open the client where you downloaded the game.

2 Right-click on the game. (Game Launcher > Library)

3 Select Properties and click Verify Integrity of Game Files.

4 Modify startup options

Or modify the launch options on Steam to resolve game crashes and black screens.

1 Open the Steam application.

2 go to the library.

3 Select the game and right-click it.

4 Select Properties and go to the General tab.

5 In the Startup option, type any of the following.




Method 4 Run the game as administrator

Crashing issues may occur if the game does not have the proper administrative privileges on the system. So follow the steps below to run the game as administrator and see if that fixes the issue.

1 Right-click the game application file.

2 Select “Run as administrator”.

If the game starts working after granting admin privileges, follow the steps below to do so permanently.

1 Right-click the game application file.

2 Select Properties.

3 Enter compatibility mode.

4 Enable “Run this program as an administrator”.

5 Click OK to apply the changes.

Method 5 Close the background process

Thousands of background processes continuing to run in our system will cause the game to not get enough resources to run properly and will display a black screen. It is therefore recommended to close these background processes to free up system resources.

1 Press Win+Shift+Esc to open Task Manager.

2 Go to the Processes tab.

3 Right-click the running but useless background process.

4 Select End Task.

Method 6 Disable Windows Firewall

It can also cause the game to crash if Windows Firewall is blocking game responses from the server. It is recommended that you check if the game is running properly on your PC by disabling Windows Firewall.

Method 7 Close overlay app

Third-party overlay apps can also cause issues with the game. It is recommended to turn off Steam’s overlay function.

1 Open the Steam application.

2 Go to Library and select a game.

3 Right-click on the game and go to the General tab.

4 Uncheck “Enable Steam Overlay in-game”.

Method 8 Update the game

If it’s been a while since you checked for updates to the game, please try updating the game. Sometimes crashes, black screens, and failures to load can be resolved with an updated version.

Method 9 Reinstall the game

The last resort is to reinstall the game. Reinstall the game to fix problems with files not installing correctly.

Method 10 Check for Windows Updates

Please check that the version of Windows you are using is the latest version. Resolve issues with games that crash, black screen, and won’t start on your PC by checking for updates to download the latest version of Windows.


Sons of The Forest crashing, black screen and won’t launch prevent users from playing the game. In this article, we introduce ten ways to fix crashing, black screen and won’t launch in Sons of The Forest. Hope it helps you solve the problem you have in the game.


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