How to Fix Secure Boot Error for Windows 11?

During upgrading to Windows 11, some users may encounter this situation: ‘This PC Can’t Run Windows 11’ with ‘The PC must support Secure Boot’. If you are facing this problem, you need to enable secure boot from BIOS settings. What is secure boot? And how can you enable secure boot? Just keep reading.

What is Secure Boot?

Secure boot is a standard of security, which is aimed to boot PC with the software trusted with original equipment manufacturer. In this way, it can prevent malware from booting when you start your computer. Only drivers with Microsoft certificated will be loaded after enabling secure boot.

How to Enable Secure Boot in HP laptop?

1 Firstly shut down your system and then restart. Go into startup menu by pressing ESC key once your screen lights up.

2 Go into BIOS setup by pressing F10.

NOTE: The keys for each options may be different on your screen because of different computer model.

Press F10 to go into BIOS setup
Press F10 to go into BIOS setup

3 Then, go to the Advanced tab.

Choose Advanced tab
Choose Advanced tab

4 Check box UEFI Native (Without CSM) under Boot Mode and then check box Secure Boot.

Enable Secure Boot
Enable Secure Boot

5 Click on Accept to confirm the change and click on Save and then restart your computer.

Now, the Secure Boot is enabled on your system. You can try to run the windows 11 installing to check if the Secure Boot error appears or not.


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