How to Fix Player Playing Different Version on Overwatch 2?

There is user feedback that recently when playing Overwatch 2, I encountered the error “Player Playing Different Version”. This error occurs because the player you are playing Overwatch 2 with has the latest version and you have an outdated version.

Update Overwatch 2 version can solve this problem. Next, this article will show you how to fix the “Player Playing Different Version” error on Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 on Windows 11

Fix “Player Playing Different Version” on Overwatch 2

As mentioned above, the solution to the Player Playing Different Version is to update the game to the latest version. Next, we’ll discuss the steps to update the game on different consoles.

Updating Overwatch 2 on PC

  • Press the Windows key, search for and open the Battle.net client.
  • Search for and open Overwatch 2.
  • Click the gear icon next to the Play button, click Check for Updates.
  • After the update is complete, you will no longer encounter errors playing different versions.

Update Overwatch 2 on Nintendo Switch

  • Select the + button.
  • Select the Software Update option.
  • After the game is updated, check to see if the problem is resolved.

Updating Overwatch 2 on Xbox

  • Open the My Games & Apps menu.
  • Select the update option.
  • The game will be updated to the latest version.

Updating Overwatch 2 on PlayStation

  • Select Options button.
  • Select the Check for Updates option.
  • The game will be updated to the latest version.

These are the detailed steps to update Overwatch 2 to the latest version on different consoles to fix the “Player Playing Different Version” error in the game. After the game is updated, please try playing Overwatch 2 again with other players to see if you still face the Player Playing Different Version error. If yes, restart the game and check again.

What is “Player Playing Different Version” in Overwatch 2?

In order to make the game more stable and add more features, Overwatch 2 will be updated frequently. Some players will update the game version quickly, and some will not. Different players are using different versions of Overwatch 2 when they play games together due to how often different players install the latest version. In this case, users of the lower version will receive a ” Player Playing Different Version” error.


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