How to Fix No Sound Problem on Windows 11? [6 Easy Methods]

After the clean installation of Windows 11, it is not surprising to have the no sound problem of your computer. We will show you the most common factors that will cause the no sound problem and the ways on how to fix it.

1. Check You Have Turn up the Sound Volume

When we are trying to find out the reason why our device has no sound, we should first check whether we have turned up the sound volume. On Windows 11, the sound option is on the right corner of the task bar. Click the Sound icon ->turn up the volume at the bottom of the prompt -> play music or movie to check whether the sound is back or not.

Sound Settings on Windows

2. Check Your Bluetooth Sound Player Has Been Connected

More and more youth would like to use the Bluetooth earphone player connected to computer to listen to music or watch movies. Before doing that, make sure you have the Bluetooth turned on and connected for both your earphone and computer. The Bluetooth settings can be easily found also with a prompt via a right click on any of the icon (WiFi, Sound or Battery) at the right bottom corner. Then right click on the Bluetooth icon to open settings where you can turn on it and add your device to Windows 11 computer.

Bluetooth Settings on Windows 11
Add Bluetooth Device on Windows 11

3. Update Windows 11 to the Latest Version to Fix the No Sound Problem

Windows 11 system often publish updates to fix some bugs or enhance functions of the system. Not keeping Windows 11 updated usually will cause the no sound problem. Just update it will help you get the sound back on Windows 11. Here a few steps are: Click on Start Menu ->Select Settings -> Click Windows Update on the right interface -> Windows 11 tells you whether there is a update available or not -> If Yes, click Download now to start the system updating. -> Restart the computer and turn up the sound volume to get the sound back.

Update Windows 11

4. Roll Back The Recent Modifications on Windows 11 System

Due to the changes for the Windows 11 system, your computer may occur the no sound problem. In case this happened, please undo the recent changes on the system to fix the sound issue. The most common modification could be installing a new program. What you need to do is to find out the recently installed program and uninstall it in the Control Panel.

5. Always Keep Sound Drivers Updated on Windows 11

There are two ways to check the hardware drivers.

Method 1: Check the Sound Driver via Windows 11 System

Simultaneously press the Windows + R on your keyboard -> Input devmgmt.msc in the prompt and press Enter -> Right click on the sound, video and game controllers -> Select Update driver -> Choose the drivers for your hardware. Your sound driver will be updated.

Method 2: Detect Outdated or Missing Driver Automatically with Third-party Program

Except for the manual way, there are many programs for our choices to automatically get the drivers updated, including the sound driver.

Driver Booster – Most recommended. The No.1 Driver Updater in this industry.

Driver Easy

AVG Driver Updater

Slimware Driver update

Driver Cloud

6. Restart Your Computer to Fix No Sound Problem on Windows 11

If all the above solutions can not help, please just restart your computer to make all the changes take effect, so that your Windows 11 no sound problem will be fixed.


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