How to Fix Microphone Not Working in Windows 11?

You may encounter some microphone issues on your Windows 11. This article tells you how to solve Microphone not working on your Windows 11.

There are many reasons can cause microphone not working, like Microphone not connecting, Microphone not turning on, Audio input muting on your headset, microphone or PC, device drivers missing, faulty microphone hardware and so on. according to the reasons above, we provide 7 ways to fix your microphone not working. Let’s check them one by one.

1 Check for Microphone Connections

If you are using an external microphone not working, it may be caused by loose connection or microphone failure of itself. Check this by reconnecting your microphone to ensure if it fixes. if not, connect your microphone to another device. if your microphone is still not working, it means you need to change another microphone.

If your microphone works on another device, it means there are some problems on your device. In order to exclude the jack reason, please try to connect your microphone through Bluethooth. If microphone works through Bluethooth, you should check your jack.

However, if above two fixes not work, please keep reading.

2 Adjust Microphone Permissions

If your microphone is disabled in privacy settings, your apps will not access to it. that’s why your microphone is not working. So, we can fix microphone not working by checking and adjusting microphone privacy settings.

Right-click on Start icon, select Settings>Privacy & security>App permissions>Microphone.

Now, make sure the switch next to Let apps access your microphone is turned on. All apps accessing your microphone are listed here, make sure the app the microphone not working has access positively.

Adjust permissions to fix microphone not working

3 Ensure Microphone Not Disabled

If your microphone privacy settings are set, you can keep to check your device manager to make sure your microphone is not disabled.

Press Windows + X keys, select Device Manager, click on the Audio inputs and outputs section to expand it. Then, right-click on your microphone, choose Enable Device.

If you find microphone is enabled already, firstly disabled your microphone, and then right-click on it again to select Enable device.

Ensure Microphone Not Disabled
Ensure Microphone Not Disabled

4 Update Microphone Drivers

Sometimes, outdated drivers may cause microphone not working issue. So, you are recommended to update your microphone drivers to fix this problem.

Search for Device Manager in the Start Menu, select Audio inputs and outputs section, right-click on your microphone and select Update Driver, click on Search automatically for drivers. Finally restart your PC after your Windows 11 automatically detect and install the latest microphone drivers.

Update Drivers to Fix Microphone Not Working
Update Drivers to Fix Microphone Not Working

5 Use Audio Troubleshooter

Windows troubleshooter can help to fix lots of issues. So you can try to fix microphone not working issues by running Audio Troubleshooter.

Search for and click on Troubleshoot settings in the Start Menu. Click on Other troubleshooter> Recording Audio> Run.

If there are some problems about microphone by running Audio Troubleshooter, just follow the guide it reminds you to fix microphone not working issue.

Use Audio Troubleshooter to Fix Microphone Not Working

6 Check Microphone Not Being Muted

in some cases, microphone sound is muted so that your microphone looks like not working. So, we need to check if your microphone is not being muted by the following steps:

Right-click on the Speaker on Taskbar> Sounds settings>More sound settings.

Move on to the Recording tab, right-click Microphone> Properties> Levels tab> Set the volume> Apply>OK.

Check Microphone Not Being Muted

7 Restart Windows Audio Service

Windows 11 Audio Service is used for managing audio for programs. If Audio Service is disabled, it also causes microphone not working. So we should also check if the Audio Service is disabled or not.

Press Windows +S keys, type services.msc in the search box and hit Enter. Locate Windows Audio in the Services window, check if the service is running. If not, right-click to select Restart option.

Restart Windows Audio Service to Fix Microphone Not Working

After reading above 7 ways, your microphone not working issue can be fixed. If not, it may be your hardware problem, you are recommended to contact professionals to check your computer.


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