How to Fix Error Code Van 1067 on Windows 11?

Recently, Valorant game players reported a new error named as Van 1067 after upgrading to Windows 11. In this article, we will comprehensively introduce you what is Van 1067, why this error happens and how to fix error code Van 1067 on Windows 11.

What is Error Code Van 1067 on Windows 11?

Van 1067 is a new error code occurred on Windows 11, which will lead to the Valorant can not be launched on Win 11 devices. As Valorant requires to the Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 service, the Van 1067 will happen if your device doesn’t meet the requirements. The result will be that the game will only show the Quit option while running it. And you will get the following pop message:

How to Fix Error Code Van 1067 on Windows 11?

How to fix error code Van 1067 on Windows 11?

If you’re new to this game, please don’t worry if the error code happens. As the game Volorant is quite new and the Windows 11 system is also new to us, it is quite common that any error will happen due to some conflicts between them. Now we know that the error code Van 1067 is caused by the conflicts of the system requirements to run the game and the TPM 2.0. Then the solutions have been found out. Please follow the solutions below to help you out.

Method 1: Enable Secure Boot and TPM 2.0

  1. Press Shift + Restart to reboot your device to Windows Recovery Environment;
  2. Navigate to Troubleshoot;
How to fix error code Van 1067 on Windows 11?

3. Choose Advanced options;

Enable Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 to Fix Van 1067

4. Click UEFI Firmware Settings;

5. Under the Security tab, find Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and enable it;

6. The final steps is to find Secure Boot and enable it. While the UEFI settings are usually different on different devices.

Method 2: Update Windows 11 to the lastest version

  1. Click Start menu and choose Settings;
  2. Scroll down to locate Windows updates;
  3. Click the blue button on the right to check for any available update and apply the update and Win 11 will restart automatically.

know more about how to enable and disable Windows update.

Method 3: Restart VGC Service

  1. Press Win + R to launch Run;
  2. Enter services.msc and click OK to open the Services window;
  3. Locate vgc;
  4. Double click on it, and choose Start;
Restart VGC Service to Fix Van 1067

5. Click on Startup type and choose Automatic, and click Apply and OK.

Method 4: Disable Discord

  1. Get Settings in Discord;
  2. Click Windows settings;
  3. Turn off Open Discord;
  4. Restart your Windows 11.

After going through the above solutions, we believe most of you will get the error code fixed.

Can I run Valorant on Windows 11?

If you’re interested in this new game, but not sure can you run Valorant on Windows 11. We have listed out all the system requirements of it. After going through it, you can check whether Valorant can be run on Windows 11 or not.


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