How to Find BitLocker Recovery Key in Windows 11?

BitLocker is a feature in Windows 11 and Windows 11, which allows users to encrypt Windows device for security reason. BitLocker recovery key was usually backed up safely before you active the protection. What’s more, the Bitlocker recovery key is necessary in case you forget your password, or mistakenly wiped out the data saved in your TPM.

This article will surely introduce you the way about how to find BitLocker recovery key in Windows, in case your Win 11 asks you for the key.

How to Find BitLocker Recovery Key in Windows 11?

BitLocker Recovery Key is usually saved in these places:

  • Microsoft account;
  • Printed paper;
  • USB drive;
  • Azure Active Directory account
  • System administrator

Even though you forget all places where the BitLocker key is saved, the following steps would be helpful to get the recovery key back.

Step 1: Login to your Miscrosoft account; or just directly head to BitLocker recovery key link;

Step 2: Continue the verification account procedure;

Step 3: The recovery key will be shown like below:

How to Find BitLocker Recovery Key in Windows 11?

Of course, if you can still remember where you saved the Bitlocker recovery key, you may still find it from one of your printed paper, your USB drive. If your Windows 11 device has ever connected to a work or school email account, the recovery key might be saved in the Azure AD account associated with that organization. Otherwise, you can try to contact the system administrator to help you get the key back.

As Microsoft will not provide, or recreate, a lost BitLocker recovery key, we suggest all the users who are new to Windows 11 to back up your key well.


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