How to Factory Reset Windows 11? [ 9 Easy Steps]

On October 5th, Windows 11 will be available for free update from your current Windows 10. But those who cannot wait for final release have installed Windows 11 Insider via ISO file. Till October, will you prefer a clean install Windows 11 or update it?

In the following part, we’re mainly introducing the steps on how to factory reset Windows 11, if you encountered some system issues.

!!! Important Notice: Backup your personal files in case of data loading.

Step 1: Click Start Menu icon on Task bar and select Settings to start the system setting;

Step 2: Select the Windows Update at the bottom of the feature list and choose Advanced Options

Step 3: Click Recovery under the Additional options;

Step 4: Choose Reset this PC under the Recovery settings;

Reset this PC on Windows 11

Step 5: Microsoft will ask for your choice to keep files, including apps, settings and personal files, or remove everything, such as removing all your personal settings, apps installed and all folders and files;

Step 6: Just give Microsoft your choice and continue;

Choose an option about how to reset Windows 11

Step 7: Microsoft will ask how would you like to reinstall Windows 11: Cloud download or local reinstall.
Cloud Download will help you download a new Windows 11 and install for you; local reinstall will reset all your Windows 11 settings.

How to reinstall Windows?

Step 8: Select your ways for reset Windows, and Microsoft will tell you that reset this PC will:
remove all personal files and user accounts on this PC;
remove any changes made to settings;
remove all apps or programs;
reinstall Windows from this device;

Step 9: After you confirm you understand all above changes, please click Reset;

Reset Windows 11

Then please allow Microsoft up to 40 minutes to reset your current Windows 11 and reinstall it.

If you’re planning to update, you can also search Windows 11 Update via the search box to get the answer.



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