How to Enter Recovery Mode in Windows 11?

Recovery mode is a great repair tool for users who experience frequent computer failures, as it can help users diagnose the problem that caused the system to fail or throw up error messages. This article will show you how to enter Recovery Mode in Windows 11.

Users can enter recovery mode when they start their computer, which will disable certain programs and drivers to provide a more streamlined experience. This will help the user to analyze what is wrong with the computer. First, let’s take a closer look at Recovery Mode, and then walk through the entire process of entering Recovery Mode in Windows 11.

What is recovery mode and what does recovery mode do?

Recovery Mode, or Recovery Environment (WinRE), has many advanced boot options that make it possible to debug, repair, and restore the system.

recovery windows 11

Recovery Mode in Windows 11 inherits most of the recovery options from previous operating systems, such as:

  • Startup Repair – Check for and correct problems that prevent Windows from loading.
  • System Restore – If your computer experiences a system failure, you can restore it to a previous restore point.
  • System Image Recovery – Restore your computer from a previously taken system image backup.
  • Command Prompt – Advanced troubleshooting can be accomplished by using various command line options.
  • Startup Settings – Change how Windows starts up and see if it helps with debugging.

There is more detailed information on the purpose of Windows 11 Recovery Mode on the Microsoft page. If you want to enter Windows 11 recovery mode, then you can refer to the following steps.

How to enter recovery mode in Windows 11?

  1. Enter Windows 11 Recovery Mode via Settings

Go to the Settings app and navigate to Recovery under the System section.

enter windows 11 recovery mode via system

Click Restart now next to Advanced startup.

restart now button to enter recovery mode

Then, your computer will enter recovery mode.

  1. Press F11 when the system starts to enter Windows 11 recovery mode

This is one of the most basic ways to enable recovery mode. After the user boots up, immediately press the F11 key to enter recovery mode.

However, due to different brands of computers, the keys used by users may be different, and some people may use the F9 or F12 keys, so before using this method to enter the Windows 11 recovery mode, please confirm which key should be used on the computer .

  1. Reboot and press Shift to enter Windows 11 recovery mode

Click the start icon, then the power button.

Hold down the Shift button and click Restart now.
Next, you will be redirected to the recovery mode menu.

  1. Enter Windows 11 Recovery Mode with CMD

Enter cmd and select Run as administrator.

cmd search result enter windows 11 recovery mode

Enter and run the command shutdown /r /o.

enter windows 11 recovery mode

Then, your system will enter recovery mode.

You may find yourself solving a problem that required multiple restarts of your computer in Safe Mode. If you had to go through the whole method we just described every time you restarted your computer, that could get pretty cumbersome.

The System Configuration Tool that comes with Windows provides an opportunity to enable Secure Boot options for your computer. This actually forces Windows to boot into Safe Mode every time you restart your PC.


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