How to Enable Windows Spotlight Background in Windows 11?

Windows Spotlight in Windows 11 can provide users with different desktop backgrounds, and users use Windows Spotlight to personalize the desktop background.

While the desktop background is not an essential feature, it is still important to users. A beautiful desktop background image can make the day more enjoyable. So Windows Spotlight is an important feature for personalizing the desktop background. It’s currently limited to the lock screen, though.

In Windows 11, you can also set a Windows Spotlight background for your desktop. Next, this article will explain how to enable Windows Spotlight in Windows 11 to set the desktop background.

Enable Windows Spotlight to Personalize Desktop Background

Windows Spotlight collects and displays wallpapers from all over the world to your desktop, you can see different desktop backgrounds every day. The way to enable it is also very simple.

Press Windows + I on your keyboard at the same time to open the Settings app.

Find “Personalization” on the left.

Click the “Background” option.

Click the drop-down menu to the right of the Personalize Background tile.

Select Windows Spotlight.

Note: Windows Spotlight on the desktop background is currently only available to Windows Insiders. If you’re a Windows Insider but don’t see Windows Spotlight, check that your version is up to date.

Then, Windows Spotlight will change the desktop background.

After double-clicking the camera icon in the upper right corner of the desktop, more details of the background will be opened in the Edge browser through the Bing search engine.

Right-click on the camera icon and a context menu will appear with the following options:

  • Open: will open more information about the wallpaper.
  • Switch to next picture: The desktop changes to the next picture in the Windows Spotlight slideshow.
  • I like this image: Windows will show a similar background in the future.
  • Don’t like this image: Similar images will not be shown to you in the future.

The above is how to enable Windows Spotlight to personalize your desktop background. Use Windows Spotlight to make your desktop different every day.


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