How to Enable Dark Mode on Windows 11?

Follow easy steps to get the text on a dark background on Windows 11.

Since the Windows 11 has a big improvement on the UI design to be a Mac-style, many users who want to install Windows 11 or have already got it installed would wonder to know how to change the background color to a dark one. Microsoft officially provides the dark mode in the system, so the way to enable dark mode comes quite easy. Just a few clicks on your settings will get that done.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Windows 11 System?

Step 1: Right click on the desktop on any blank area and choose Personalize.

Personalize Option by Right Click

Step 2: Choose the Colors option in the Personalization interface.

Colors option in Personalization

Step 3: Click on Choose your mode, where you can change the colors that appear in Windows and your apps.

Step 4: In the drop-down list on the right, select Dark.

Select Dark

Now you can see your Windows 11 has been in the Dark mode. If you want to get the light mode back, you can follow the above steps to choose the light option to get it back. What‘s more, you can also customize the interface colors if you want to do that.

Dark Mode Enabled on Windows 11

How to Enable Dark Mode for Chrome on Windows 11?

Till September 2020, Chrome’s market share has been over 70%. That means more and more users are choosing Chrome as their browser. Some of them want to change the color of it, but didn’t get the right way. Here we will introduce you one of the most common methods.

Step 1: Open your Chrome;

Step 2: Copy and paste chrome://flags/ to a new tab on Chrome;

Enable Chrome Dark Mode

Step 3: Press Ctrl + F on your keyboard, and search for the keyword Dark;

Step 4: Select Enabled from the drop-down list, to enable the Chrome dark mode on Windows 11

How to Enable Chrome Dark Mode on Windows 11

Of course, you can also customize the appearance by installing a theme extension from Chrome Web Store. In our later articles, we would like to select the most popular one for you.


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