How to Disable Windows 11 Updates? [ 4 Useful Methods]

If you’re not willing to be disturbed by the Windows updates when you’re trying to turn off or start up your Windows 11 system; or if you’re not considering to be the first to experience the latest updates on Windows 11, please read this article carefully to disable Windows 11 updates step by step.

How to Stop Windows 11 Updates?

Method 1: The Most Common Method on How to Turn Off Updates on Windows 11

This is a way to disable Windows update temperately by three steps.

1.Click Start Menu to open Settings;

2. Select Windows Update;

Windows Update on Windows 11

3. Find Pause updates under More options to choose how many weeks you want to pause the Windows 11 Update;

Select Update Plan

Method 2: Disable Windows 11 Update by Disabling Update Services

Also Only 3steps are needed to disable the Windows 11 update services.

  1. Enter services in the search menu to find Services in the search result, and click Open under the Services options;
Windows 11 Services

2. Try to scroll your mouse to find Windows Update services showing the image for example;

Windows 11 Update

3. Click on Windows Update and Windows will show you two options to Stop the service or to Start the service; Or you can try right click on Windows update to directly Stop it;

Stop Windows 11 Update

Method 3: Enable Metered Connection to Disable Windows 11 Update

If you choose to get the Metered connected enabled, there will be internet limitations that will stop the Windows 11 update. And you should aware the notice that Microsoft showing: some apps might work differently to reduce data usage when you’re connected to this internet. Please keep reading on the step by step guide.

1.Open Settings by the above tutorial mentioned in method 1;

2.Select Network & internet and click on Properties listed on the top;

Properties under Network & internet

3. Turn on Metered connection;

Turn on Metered Connection

Method 4: Change Registry Settings to Disable Automatic Updates on Windows 11

Before going ahead, please first know that: if you’re not familiar with the Windows system, please don’t try this method without any help of the technical person. As there might be risky to modify Registry settings. Now here the steps are.

  1. Enter Registry in the search box and click Open to launch it;
Registry Editor

2. Copy and paste the following code in the address bar to search Windows:


3. Right click Windows and select New and then choose Key to create a new key;

Change settings in Registry

4. Give the key a name as WindowsUpdate;

5. Create a new key for WindowsUpdate and name it as AU;

Create and Name a New Key

6. Please right click AU and choose DWORD (32bit) and change it name as NoAutoUpdate;

7. Double click the NoAutoUpdate key and modify its value as 1;

8. Try to restart your computer to the disable Windows 11 Auto Update.


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