How to Disable Snipping Tool on Windows 11?

Windows 11 snipping tool is as default application on windows. You can use this application to rectangular snip or window snip by pressing keyboard shortcut. It is easy to use but if you want to use another third party snipping tool instead of the Windows 11 snipping tool. You can disable Windows 11 snipping tool with three easy and quick methods. Keep reading.

Disable by uninstalling Snipping Tool

If you are sure you don’t want this application installed on your system any more, the easiest way to disable snipping tool on Windows 11 is to uninstall snipping tool from your computer.

Step 1 click on start menu and search for Snipping Tool in the search field.

Step 2 Right Click on Snipping Tool from the search results and choose Uninstall.

Uninstall snipping tool
uninstall snipping tool

Step 3 Next, click on the uninstall button on the dialog box appearing on your screen.

Disable snipping tool by uninstalling it
Disable snipping tool by uninstalling it

After that, the Snipping Tool is uninstalled from your computer. Of course, you can reinstall the Snipping tool on your Windows 11 from the Microsoft store if you want it back someday.

Disable Snipping Tool via Group Policy Editor

If you just want to disable snipping tool and keep it on your computer at the same time, you are not recommended the first way. You can consider to disable snipping tool by using Group Policy Editor which is a set of administrative tools for settings of services and programs.

Step 1 Press windows + r keys on your keyboard to launch Run window and then type gpedit.msc and press enter.

open Run window
open Run window

Step 2 After the group policy appears on the screen, select the User Configuration and the left panel.

Select the User Configuration
Select the User Configuration

Step 3 Extend Administrative Templates and select Windows Components and then Tablet PC.

Extend Administrative Templates
Extend Administrative Templates

Step 4 Select the Accessories folder and then double click on Do not allow Snipping Tool to run in the right panel.

Do not allow Snipping Tool to run
Do not allow Snipping Tool to run

Step 5 At last, select Enabled toggle and click on OK in the Do not allow Snipping Tool to run window.

Disable Snipping Tool Using the Services

If above two methods do not work for you, you can try the last way to disable snipping tool on your Windows 11.

Step 1 Press the Windows key+R keys and type services.msc, then press Enter.

Launch service
Launch service

Step 2 Scroll down the Services window to navigate the Snipping tool.exe.

disable snipping tool
Disable snipping tool using service

Step 3 Extend the Startup Type and choose Disabled from the drop-down. Next click on Apply and then OK button.

Now close the service and restart your computer, your snipping tool is disabled on your windows 11.

These are the three methods to quickly disable snipping tool on Windows 11. Hope they are useful for you.


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