How to Disable Mouse Acceleration for Better Gaming?

Enabling mouse acceleration may be a disaster for PC gamer, especially for the first-person shooter game, such as CS:GO, Overwatch, Fallout series, etc. Therefore, it is vital to disable mouse acceleration for perk gaming experience on Windows 11. That’s what our this article will do to help out.

What is mouse acceleration?

Mouse acceleration is a system built-in feature since Windows XP to Windows 11.It allows the mouse to move more conveniently on the screen and to compensate the mouse frame drop, by moving the cursor in a higher speed than the actual movement speed.In other words, how fast the mouse moving will have effect on how far the cursor moving.If you have the mouse acceleration on, the cursor will move faster and a further distance than you really want to move.

Mouse Acceleration

Therefore,having mouse acceleration on will possibly lead to the overshooting in the game.

How to check mouse acceleration?

A simple way to know whether the mouse acceleration is enabled or not: put the mouse cursor on a certain place of the screen and remember the current position of the pointer. Then move the mouse at a very slow speed for a certain distance, and then move the mouse back at a fast speed. Now three kinds of situations will happen:

  1. The pointer returns to the original position in the horizontal direction. It indicates that there is no acceleration, and your mouse has good performance and there is no frame loss.
  2. The pointer is still a little bit away from the original position. It tells you that there is no acceleration but your mouse is losing frames.
  3. The mouse has exceeded its original position, and generally more than a lot. That means the mouse has been accelerated.

How to disable mouse acceleration on Windows 11?

We can easily turn off mouse acceleration in the Windows 11 settings.

Step 1: Enter the Win 11 Settings by launching the Start Menu and click Settings;

Step 2: Select Bluetooth & devices;

Step 3: Click Mouse by scrolling down the options on the right;

Step 4: Choose Additional mouse settings;

Mouse settings in Windows 11

Step 5: In the popup, click the Pointer Options and uncheck the box of Enhance pointer precision.

Disable Mouse Pointer Precision

Step 6: Just click Apply and OK to exit the settings.

Then you can check your mouse again by following the steps we mentioned in the second part of how to check mouse acceleration.

In addition, many games including CS:GO also has the settings to disable or enable it. But all depend on your own habits whether to disable it.


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