How to Disable DVR and Turn Off Game Bar in Windows 11

The Xbox Game Bar is the most popular feature of Windows 11 for users who like playing games. however, users who don’t play Windows games will think the Game Bar and game DVR aren’t much use. And enabling the game bar is a waste of system resources. Therefore, users who do not need Game Bar want to turn off Game Bar and disable DVR. This article will tell you how to disable DVR and turn off the Game Bar in Microsoft’s latest desktop platform.

What is a Game DVR?

Game DVR is the recording function of Game Bar. Game DVR can help gamers to record the game process and capture the wonderful game screen when playing the game. This is a welcome feature for gamers who share game clips with friends or on YouTube.

However, not all users like gaming DVRs. It can significantly impact gaming performance on some Windows 11 PCs. Therefore, users who do not need to log anything may prefer to disable the feature. Here’s how to disable the DVR and turn off the Game Bar in Windows 11.

How to disable DVR in Windows 11?

1. Disable DVR via Game Bar

Press the Windows+G hotkey to open the Game Bar.

Then click the settings button to the right of the game bar.

game bar settings

Click the Capture tab.

game bar Capture tab

Then uncheck the Record in the background while I’m playing a game checkbox.

disable game bar record

2. Disable Xbox Game DVR via Registry

Click the taskbar button for the search tool shown in the screenshot below.

search tool

Type regedit to find Registry Editor.

Select the Run as administrator option for Registry Editor search results.

Open this key path in Registry Editor: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\GameDVR

edit Registry Editor

Double-click the AppCaptureEnabled DWORD and open the Edit DWORD.

open Edit DWORD

Delete the 1 in the value data frame and replace it with a 0.

Hit on OK button and exit the Edit DWORD.

Open this key path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\System\GameConfigStore

Disable game DVR

Double-click the GameDVR_Enabled DWORD.

Erase the current value, then enter 0 in the Value data box.

Select the OK option to confirm.

After this, click the Power and Restart Start menu button.

How to Disable Game Bar in Windows 11?

1. Disable Game Bar and DVR in Windows 11 via Settings

Press the Windows taskbar icon to open the Start menu.

Click Settings in the Pinned Apps section of the Start menu.

Select the Games tab.

Click the Xbox Game Bar navigation option.

Then use this button on the controller options to click the toggle to turn off the Xbox Game Bar.

turn off game bar

Next, select the Applications tab.

Select the Apps and Features option shown directly below.

Click the three-dot button near to Xbox Game Bar app.

change refresh rate windows 11Xbox Game Bar app

Select Advanced Options on the menu.

xbox Advanced Options

Next, select the Never option on the Background App Permissions menu.

Press the Terminate button.

You can disable Game DVR auto-capture by clicking Capture on the Game tab in Settings. You can then choose to turn off the Record what happened option from there.

2. Remove Game Bar from Windows 11

Right-click Start and select the Windows Terminal (Admin) option on the Win+X menu.

Enter this command in a Windows PowerShell tab:

Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.XboxGamingOverlay | Remove-AppxPackage

Press Return to remove the Game Bar.

Wait for the uninstall process to complete before closing Windows Terminal.


If you want to disable game DVR or turn off xbox game bar, you can choose any way above. of course, if you want to enable game DVR and turn on xbox game bar again, you can also follow above methods to do it.


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