How to Delete Temporary Files on Windows 11?

There are many temporary files on the Windows system which will not make sense for us and we will never use them. But they will take a large space of our computer storage. Don’t worry. We will show two secure methods on how to delete temporary files and folders on Windows 11.

Free up Storage on Windows 11 by Deleting Temporary Files

Automatically Delete Temporary Files on Windows 11

On Windows 11 system, a few steps will help to release system space by removing temporary files generated by the system.

1.Click Settings after launching Start Menu icon on the Taskbar;

2. Select Storage under System;

Storage Settings

3. Under Storage management, turn on the Storage sense which will automatically free space, delete temporary files, and manage locally available cloud content.

Turn on Storage Sense

4. Click on Storage sense and you will come to the setting interface of Storage Sense. Please make sure you have checked the box Keep Windows running smoothly by automatically cleaning up temporary system and app files, as well the have the Automatic User content cleanup turned on.

Storage Sense Settings

5. Then we need to configure clean up schedules for the high performance of Windows 11, where we can set how frequent to run storage sense, how frequent to delete recycle bin.

Frequency of Clean up Schedule

Then Windows 11 will automatically optimize the storage space for you and keep your PC run smoothly.

Manually Delete Temporary File on Windows 11

If you don’t want to lose the the system files even though you will never access in the future, we still will show the way to manually delete temporary file/folders.

1.Enter %temp% in the search box by clicking on the search icon on Taskbar;

2. Click on the file folder to open the temporary folders;

3. Choose which folders/ files you need to remove and right click on it to delete.

Then you will get much more space for fast PC now.


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