How to Delete Instagram Account in Windows 11?

Nowadays,Instagram has becoming the top social platform for worldwide users.It is reported by Teachjury that Instagram users are spending an average of 28 minutes on the platform daily, and more 2 hours on Facebook. Surfing on Instagram for interesting photos,videos or stories may make us happy for a while but it may also waste of time which we should spend on working, study or accompanying our families. When you are aware of such bad moment, you may want to keep far away from Instagram for a while.

Instagram provides you two ways to do that, including temporarily disabling your account in case you can come to reactive when you want to use it again, deleting Instagram account permanently.In this article, we will introduce you the step-by-step guide on how to disable or delete Instagram account in your desktop device with Windows 11 installed.

How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently in Win 11?

* Please note that deleting the Instagram account means that you can no longer recover your account in the future. All the photos, videos, stories and your insta account information will not be saved by Instagram and there is no method to help you get them back once you delete your Instagram account.

If you still want to delete your Instagram account, go further with our steps.

As you can not delete it within your mobile apps, you need to a desktop device to access the Instagram website to get your account deleted.In Windows 11 system, please first click to launch any browser you’re used to and visit delete my Instagram account page.Then log in your account with account name and password.If you have forgotten the password, please click Forgot Password to get it back and sign in.

Then select a reason from the drop-down menu about Why do you want to delete your account.

Why do you want to delete Instagram account?

Now Instagram will show you some tips for the reasons you chosen and if you’re sure you don’t need it any more, please skip the tutorials.ls.You need to re-enter your Instagram account password (please get it back in case you forget it), and then click on the button Delete XXX (your account name).

Re-enter your Password to delete Instagram account

All your information on Instagram will be removed.

How to Disable Instagram Account Temporarily in Win 11?

Sometimes, you may only want to temporarily focus on other issue and want to get back to Instagram later. We’d like to suggest you disable your Instagram account and all your information will be kept as all the post, engagement, followers and likes are your cherished memories.

Also, please launch your browser from Windows 11 to visit Temporarily Disable Your Account page to help you hide your information for a while until you login back it again later.

On this page, you’re also asked to choose the reason why are you disabling your account and re-enter your password.At last,click on the button Temporarily Disable Account.

Remove Instagram Account

Then your engagement behaviors will be hidden to others, and you can reactive Instagram account anytime you want.


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