How to Delete Cortana on Windows 11?

Microsoft launched Cortana firstly on Window phone in 2014 in United States only. While with the release of Windows 10 system, Cortana was introduced in the desktop device built-in as a default search engine. But it doesn’t last for a long time. In Windows 11, Microsoft has make it as an App instead of the default search engine.

You may don’t need to use Cortana and want to remove it from your computer. Before doing that, please read our tutorials carefully and then make your choice.

How to Delete Cortana on Windows 11?
How to Disable Cortana on Windows 11?

What Can Cortana Do for You?

Just like the Siri on iPhone, Cortana is a system assistant to help you complete some tasks in an easier way, such as setting your schedule or reminder, searching file locations on your computer, finding answers for any questions you asked, etc.

Is It Safe to Remove Cortana on Windows 11?

Although Cornata is only an App on Windows 11, Microsoft also doesn’t suggest you to remove it, either allows you to uninstall it completely. Any changes made to the system itself has risk. Therefore, permanently removing Cortana is not recommended. The Cortana App actually doesn’t impact your PX performance.

How to Disable Cortana on Windows 11 Temporarily?

As it is dangerous to make the changes on Windows 11, we suggest you to disable it instead of removing it.

Step 1: Select Settings by clicking Start Menu icon on the task bar;

How to Delete Cortana on Windows 11?

Step 2: Click App in the menu list and choose Apps & features; then you can search for Cortana and click the menu on the right to choose Advanced options

Find Cortana in Apps & features

Step 3: Under Background apps permissions, select Never; Scroll down to the Windows please switch on button to turn off Cortana. Of course, we can also disable the Microphone to disallow Microsoft Cortana accessing your system.

How to Delete Cortana on Windows 11?
Trun off Cortana

Then Cortana will be temperately disabled from Windows 11. If you want to enable it in the future. You can also follow the above steps to get the settings about Cortana to turn on the settings which we have just now turned off.


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