How to Customize Windows 11 Lock Screen?

Except for the the setting of Windows 11 Lock Screen wallpapers, users can also customize the app status in Lock screen and also disable or enable the background image in Sign-in screen. In this article, we will introduce you how to customize Windows 11 lock screen and sign-in screen.

How to set up Windows 11 lock screen background image?

How to setup Windows 11 wallpapers in lock screen has already been introduced, we’d also like to show you how to customize the background image with your own collection instead of using the default background image of the system.

Step 1: Click Settings and choose Personalization;

Customize Lock Screen in Windows 11

Step 2: In the drop-down menu of Personalize your lock screen, choose Picture and then click Browse photos;

Select Local Image from Your PC

Step 3: Select the picture from your specific folders where they are stored on your computer;

Step 4: Remove the option of Get fun facts, tips, tricks, an more on your lock screen.

Then all things are ready, just press Win + L to lock your screen to check whether the lock screen image has already taken effect or not.

What’s more, you can also set up a slideshow of album to rotate the different images when you’re locking your screen.

Step 1: Just go back to the Lock screen setting interface, and choose Slideshow under the drop-down menu of Personalize your lock screen;

Step 2: Click Browse to you choose your own album of pictures, and also optional for you to remove the Pictures option;

Slideshow Settings on Windows 11 Lock Screen

Step 3: Please also remove the option of Get fun facts, tips, tricks, and more on your lock screen.

Under the Advanced slideshow settings, we have several options to customize.

Advanced Slideshow Settings in Lock Screen

How to customize Apps status in lock screen on Windows 11?

Under the Lock screen status, Windows 11 users can choose an app to show detailed status on the lock screen. The supported App lists are: Xbox Console Companion, Weather, 3D Viewer, Mail and Calendar. If you choose the None option, this feature will be disabled.

Customize Apps Status in Lock Screen

How to disable or enable background Sign-in screen on Windows 11?

To show or not to show the background picture on Sign-in screen is quite simple. Just follow the steps to enter the Lock screen setting interface, and then switch the on or off button under Lock screen status option for sign-in screen settings.

screen background picture settings

If you also want to explore more about the settings of Windows 11 wallpapers, please have a reference to how to set up wallpapers on Windows 11.


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