How to Create a Local Account in Windows 11?

The recently released Windows 11 system allows you to log in to the system with two kinds of accounts: Microsoft account and local accounts.Multiple local accounts could be created and log in the system.In this article, Windows11Tools will show you the ways about how to create a local account in Windows 11 step by step.

What’s a local account for Windows 11?

A local account for Windows 11 is used to login to the system on your PC device.Microsoft allows users to create several local accounts, and different local accounts can manage the folders, files, programs, etc. for desperately. And you can name each account and set password for them to manage the system.For example, if you have 4 family members, you can create 4 account for each one to better protect your own privacy and your own important files.

How to create local account for Windows 11?

Although Microsoft is becoming more and more aggressive to use Microsoft account to manage your computer, it still does not refuse the local account totally.If you did not create one during the installation, please keep reading to get the ways to create a local account for Windows 11.

Steps to Create local account via Windows 11 Settings

First, click Windows icon on the Taskbar,then find Settings and click it to enter the setting interface;

Second,in the Menu on the left, please click on Accounts and choose Family & other users;

Third, click the button Add account to begin creating account for your family members;

Fourth, in the popup, Microsoft will suggest you to go back to create Microsoft account for children or teenagers to better protect their privacy.But you still have the option to create local account for other adult members.You can select a Name for who’s going to use this PC and set a password for security and confirm the password. And you can also choose not to set a password, but Windows11Tools does not recommend it.

Create Local Account in Windows 11

At last, after you confirm the account information and click Next to continue, Windows 11 will ask you to set up for several secure questions. And you can recover it via them if you forget the password.

Note: Please save your account name and password somewhere where you can find them easily in case of you forget it.

When all the steps get finished, you can restart your PC will test it.And if you need to create multiple local accounts for Windows 11, just only repeat the above methods.



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