How to Check Graphics Card in Windows 11?

Graphics Card, known as Graphical Processing Unit (GPU), plays a very important role to show all things about the graphical on your device. Follow the step by step tutorials to get the Graphics Card information you have on your Windows 11 System.

What is Graphics Card?

Graphics card (Video card, Display card, Graphics card, Video adapter) is one of the basic components of personal computers. It converts the display information required by the computer system to drive the display, and provides progressive or interlaced scanning signals to control the display. Correct display is an important component that connects the monitor and the PC motherboard, and is one of the important equipment of “human-machine”. Its built-in parallel computing capability is also used for deep learning and other operations at this stage.

How to Check Graphics Card in Windows 11?

Only 5 easy steps help you get the Graphics Card you have on Windows 11.

Step 1: Click Start Menu and choose Settings;

Step 2: Under System, select Display;

Step 3: Scroll down your mouse to locate and click Advanced display;

How to Check Graphics Card in Windows 11?

Step 4: In the Internal Display interface, you will get the Desktop mode, Active signal mode, Bit depth, Color format and Color space information. But if you have more than one Graphics card, the information for the primary one will be shown by default.

Step 5: If you need to know all the detailed information about Graphics card, please click Display adapter properties for Display 1. Then in the popup window, the Adapter, Monitor and Color Management tab will show you all the information you want.

Graphics Card Information on Windows 11

Of course, you can also download a third-party tool to get the Windows 11 system information, not only the Graphics Card info, but also the system and hardware information.


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