How to Check CPU Temperature on Windows 11?

The temperature of a CPU can indicate whether there is a problem with its function or the function of related components. Therefore, there are users who need to check the CPU temperature in Windows 11. However in Windows 11 there is no built-in application or tool to check the CPU temperature, users can only rely on third-party applications or go to the system BIOS to check the CPU temperature.

Next, this article will tell you how to check CPU temperature in Windows 11.

Method 1 Check CPU temperature from BIOS/UEFI

Open the start menu.
Hold down the Shift key and click Restart to enter Safe Mode.
When Advanced Startup appears, click the Troubleshoot option.

Click Advanced Options > UEFI Firmware Settings.

Restart your PC when prompted to press Restart to enter BIOS/UEFI.

Check your BIOS/UEFI for a list like CPU Core Temperature.

If the first method fails to find the CPU temperature in the BIOS/UEFI menu, it is recommended to use a third-party application instead.

Method 2 Check CPU temperature on Windows 11 using a third-party app

CCleaner’s Speccy can help users check CPU temperature.

  • Download and install Speccy.
  • Launch Speccy and allow it to inventory your PC hardware (including CPU temperature).
  • Click on CPU on the left – you will see the average temperature of the CPU and the temperature of each core.

Method 3 Check CPU temperature with open hardware monitor

You can also view CPU utilities through Open Hardware Monitor.

  • Open Hardware Monitor after installation.
  • Expand the CPU section to display the bus speed and the temperature of each core.
  • To display the CPU temperature in the taskbar, right-click the temperature and select Show in Tray.
  • In addition to CPU temperature, Open Hardware Monitor also monitors your graphics card GPU temperature, voltage, and system fan speed.

These are the three methods to check the CPU temperature in Windows 11. Close monitoring of the CPU temperature can help users find and deal with problems in a timely manner.


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