How to Change Keyboard Settings in Windows 11?

If you ever meet the problem that you have set keyboard or hotkeys long time ago, or somebody who logged in to your admin account and modified the keyboard settings; and even some third-party programs may have changed the settings of your Windows 11 system; or you wan to change the layout of the keyboard according to your preference.In this article, we will show you the ways about how to change keyboard settings in Windows 11 step by step.

How to Reset Keyboard Settings in Windows 11?

For the former situations we mentioned above that some unexpected changes happened without notifications. Now here are the steps to reset the keyboard settings in Windows 11 System settings.

  • Click Start icon and choose Settings;
  • Select Time & Language and click on Language & region;
  • Find your original language and click on the right drop-down menu to Move up.

How to Change Keyboard Settings in Windows 11?

In the Windows 11 system, you can customize language,region settings, and layout etc.

Change Windows display language:

Please repeat the above steps to enter the Language & region interface. Then Add a language that you’re used to using by clicking on the Add a language.Microsoft Store apps will be shown in the first supported language in the list.You can move up and down a certain language to make them list in order.What’s more,by clicking Language options,we can also install a new keyboard language.

Details steps on Adding a language:

I will take English for example to make it more clear about the step-by-step tips.

After entering the language & region settings interface and click Add a language; search for English and click on the one you need and then continue to Next.

Then you can choose the optional language features: whether to install language pack to Text-to-speech hand handwriting. Microsoft will show the size of the file to help you make a decision.If the language you choose is the one you use frequently, you can check-in to set it as your default display language.At last, just click Install to begin the new language installation.

Of course,if you do not have a decision about the language, you can choose a another language before installing. You also can change the display language later if you think it’s not the best one for you.


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