How to change folder colors on Mac and Windows?

The default folder colors on Windows is yellow and blue on Mac. It is quite difficult to navigate to a certain important folders quickly if you have created to many folders on your Mac or Windows devices. This article will tell you the methods on how to change folder colors on both Mac and Windows.

How to change folder colors on Mac and Windows?

How to change folder colors on Mac?

It is easier to change folders colors on Mac than on on Windows. The below proven methods will help you get the folder colors changed in several minutes.

Use the built-in Preview app to change folder color on Mac

10 simple steps needed.

Step 1: Locate to the folders you want to customize;

Step 2: Right click on it and select Get Info;

Step 3: Click the folder icon in the upper left of the folder info window to highlight it;

Step 4: Choose Edit in the menu bar and select Copy from the drop down menu;

Step 5: Find and open the Preview app;

Step 6: Choose File in the menu bar;

Step 7: Select New from Clipboard and choose Markup tool;

Step 8: Select the Adjust Color icon, and then slide the tint slider from left to right until you find the color you want and close the window;

Step 9: Choose the colored folder, and press command+C to copy it;

Step 10: Return to the Folder Info box from earlier and press command+V;

Till now, you cloud close the Folder Info box, and check whether you have get the folder color changed on Mac.

If you’d like to add more colors to different folders, you can repeat this process to customize as many folders as you like.

How to change folder colors on Windows 11/10?

Windows users will be more annoyed that the folder color is builtin with the system, and users have no options to change the folder color on Windows 11/10 with any system settings. What you need to do is to download and install third-party tools to help you do that. Of course, this method is also applicable on Mac.

Now we’d like to recommend you several software both for Windows and Mac users to change folder colors.

Folder color change Apps for Windows

CustomFolder – CustomFolder allows you to change the colors, icons, and emblems in your Windows folders.

FolderPainter – a shareware program that allows you to change the color of your folder from the usual yellow to any other color you like

Folder Marker – freeware program that allows you to assign different colors to various folders on your Windows 10 PC or laptop

Folder color change Apps for Mac

Folder Color – a neat tool to customize your Mac OS X folder icon, create colorful and unique folder icons for your computer to classify and manage your folders highly efficient.

Folder Colorizer –  the coolest and easiest way to colorize your folders, with just a few clicks, everything is done for you. You can even colorize folders / restore color in batch.

Color Folder Master- Keeping your files well ordered and categorized is ideal for efficiency and helps to keep things more organized.


Currently, we can change folder colors on Mac via the Preview APP and some any other apps, but we can only get the Windows folders’ color changed via third-party tools. With the Windows 11 improvement, we are expecting that Microsoft can also provide us an option to keep our folders well organized with different colors or tags.


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