How to Change Displaying Settings in Windows 11?

Long-time concentrating on the screen will make your eyes tired, and the improper screen displaying setting will make things even worse. In this article, we will help you go through the step-by-step guide on how to change the displaying settings in Windows 11 to help improving work efficiency and help you feeling better.

Two methods will be introduced to adjust the display scale in Windows 11 to suit for your own preference.

Method 1: Modify Text Size without Changing Display Scale in Windows 11 Settings

If you need to change the text size that appears throughout your Windows and your apps, the following steps do help.

Step 1: Click Start Menu and choose Settings;

Step 2: Select Accessibility in the menu and choose Text size;

Change Text Size in Windows 11

Step 3: Move the blue circle on the slider to change the text size bigger or smaller;

Step 4: Click Apply to get the font changed.

Method 2: Change Display Scale in Windows 11 Settings

Before making changes to display scale, please read Microsoft official notice: You shouldn’t change these settings unless you need to – it can cause text and apps to because unreadable. All your displays will be set to the custom scaling size you enter and it can be difficult to go back to your original settings.

If you’re well knowing the potential risk, please go ahead with the steps below.

Step 1: Click Start Menu and choose Settings;

Step 2: Select System in the menu and click on Display, where you can change the display settings for monitors, brightness, night light and display profile.

Change Display Settings in Windows 11

Step 3: Under Scale & layout in the Display interface, click Scale;

Change Display Scale in Windows  11

Step 4: In the drop-down menu, you can choose the recommended settings for better displaying on your device;

Step 5: Click on Scale, you can also customize the display scale size between 100% and 500%. But this is not recommended by the Windows system. Please change it with full understanding what will happen after changing it.

Customize Scaling in Windows 11

Step 6: All the settings will be applied in the few seconds after clicking Apply.


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