How to Back up Files in Windows 11?

Backing up and keeping your important files secure is becoming more and more important in our daily work and life, as the online criminal keep increasing.Usually the malware or virus attacks will cause the loss of all kinds of files,including photos, PDF files, word document, etc.

Then how to back up our important files in Windows 11/10 securely needs our solutions.There are many ways e can find to backup files,and in this article, we will introduce three methods to avoid the files loss.

Back up Files in Windows 11 with External Device

Most of us have an external USB device or hard drive, if you don’t have yet, please prepare one with enough space.

Then plugin your external device to your computer. Before starting backup, we would recommend you to run a virus scan with anti-virus tool to make sure there is no virus infection with your external device.

Now you can create a new folder in the external hard drive and then you can copy the files, videos, folders, photos or other document to the folder you created.

When the copy & paste gets finished, please check in folder whether all the files have been stored in the device.

Then just right click on the external device and choose Eject to make the external hard drive unconnected from your Win 11/10 computer.

Back up Files in Windows 11 with OneDrive

Nowadays,there are many cloud drive that will help us synchronize our important files.In the past, we will recommend you to back up files in Windows 11/10 system with Microsoft OneDrive.

First,search for OneDrive in the search box to get the App and click to run it;

Second,please login with Microsoft account. If you don’t have one, sign up for it;

Backup files in Windows 11 with One-drive

Third, after logging in OneDrive,you can start the synchronization. Just choose the folders or files to back up to a nominated folder in OneDrive;

Then, Microsoft will help you complete the backup.

Other Third-party Tool Helps to Back up Files in Windows 11

As we mentioned above, there are many cloud drives and other backup software can easily back up the files. But you should pay for it to have enough space.

Acronis,a all-in-one backup protection tool, is adopting unifying data protection and cybersecurity to protect all data, applications and your system.The service for individual will meet your demands.


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