How to Add A Printer to Windows 11?

This article will show you two methods to add a Printer to Windows 11: Manually Add and Auto-manually Add. Step-by-step methods will be introduced in the following two parts.

How to Add A Printer to Windows 11 Manually?

Usually Windows 11 will automatically recognize your Printer. If not, you can follow the methods below to add printer to Win 11 manually.

Step 1: Open Settings from Taskbar and choose Bluetooth & devices;

How to Add A Printer to Windows 11 Manually

Step 2: Click Printers & scanners;

Step 3: Click on the blue button to Add a device. Usually Win 11 will scan and detect the Printer auto-manually.

Step 4: While if Win 11 failed to detect your Printer, you will see the Add manually link. Just click on the link to add;

Step 5: After clicking the link, you will get a pop-up window showing you with a few choices. Among the five options, just select My printer is a little older. Help me find it. if you have connected your printer with your Win 11. While if you have a wireless printer, please select Add a Bluetooth, wireless or network discoverable printer. And then click Next;

Step 6: Choose the port of the Printer and click Next;

Step 7: Then the Printer driver should be installed;

Step 8: When all the things get done, you can name your Printer as anything you want.

How to Add A Printer to Windows 11 Automatically?

For how to add printer to Windows 11 with an automatic way, just follow the step 1- step 3, then your printer will be connected to your Win device successfully.


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