Fixed: Lenovo Vantage Toolbar Disappears in Windows 11

Lenovo Vantage is an useful and necessary toolbar for Lenovo users. However, users reported that the Lenovo vantage toolbar widget disappears after they upgrade to Windows 11. It makes users wonder if Lenovo Vantage can work on Windows 11. as we all know, Windows 11 is a brand new Windows system from Microsoft. Windows 11 has not been around long, so there are still lots of issues caused by the comparability and stability. That’s why lots of conflicts between software and Windows 11 happened. However, Lenovo vantage toolbar actually can work on Windows 11. So as for the issue Lenovo vantage toolbar disappeared in Windows 11 can also be fixed. Keep reading.

What is Lenovo Vantage?

After the merger of Lenovo Companion and Lenovo settings, Lenovo Companion is currently called Lenovo Vantage. Computers that already have the software can update and upgrade in the App Store. The Lenovo Companion program can obtain information about computer accessories, and view blogs and articles about computers. And check whether there are recommended programs to install, of course, you can also check the usage of the computer, clean up system junk, and so on. The role of Lenovo Vantage:

  • 1. Optimize computer performance, monitor computer health, and manage updates.
  • 2. Access the user guide, check warranty status, and view accessories customized for your computer.
  • 3. Read how-to articles, visit Lenovo forums, and stay updated with the latest technology news through articles and blogs from trusted sources.
  • 4. Lenovo Vantage provides exclusive Lenovo content to help you learn more about what you can do with your computer.

Lenovo Vantage introduction: After startup, it is a cool Lenovo dynamic logo page. After entering, the home page displays the status:

  • 1. Hardware settings Power – set battery conservation mode and fast charging and taskbar battery icon; Audio and video – camera privacy switch and Dolby sound (Dolby is gray when smart settings are turned on); Smart settings – the system automatically detects and Set Dolby sound; Input – hotkey and touchpad switch.
  • 2. Operating Status and Support Hardware Scan – motherboard, hard disk, memory and other hardware tests; User Guide – computer manual; Tips and tricks – hotspots and usage skills for Win10 and related Lenovo products.
  • 3. System update Check update – Detect Windows system update, some will detect BIOS update; Tip: It is not recommended to update BIOS if it is not necessary. Windows update and other updates – go to the system detection update page and jump to the Lenovo extranet support page respectively.
  • 4. Lenovo WiFi security.

Why Lenovo Vantage Toolbar Disappears Automatically in Windows 11?

Currently, more than one user is experiencing the issue of Lenovo vantage toolbar icon disappearing on Windows 11. According to user feedback, the Lenovo vantage toolbar icon always disappears on the next startup after shutdown, which makes Lenovo users very distressed. Neither Lenovo nor Microsoft has made an official answer to the issue of the disappearance of the Lenovo vantage toolbar. We guess that the Lenovo vantage toolbar disappears due to compatibility and stability factors because the version of Windows 11 is not yet finalized. Maybe, with the improvement and debugging of Windows 11, the problem of Lenovo vantage toolbar disappearing will also be solved.

So, if you are facing this problem, what should you do?

How to Fix Lenovo Vantage Toolbar (Battery Gauge) Disappears in Windows 11?

  • Launch Lenovo Vantage, go to device settings>power page.
  • Turn on the toggle of Lenovo Vantage toolbar and premium settings item.

Then, you will get the Lenovo Vantage toolbar widget back. It is a Blue L icon. Click on it to extend the toolbar settings.

This way can only help you get the Lenovo Vantage toolbar widget back momentarily. Since Microsoft does not allow battery icon pinned on task bar in Windows 11, the only way to solve this issue permanently is to wait the update of Windows 11 which can fix the start menu or toolbar bugs in Windows 11.


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