Fix BatteryBar Missing or Disappearing in Windows 11

Recently, some users reported that their BatteryBar is disappearing after they install Windows 11. They try to reinstall BatteryBar, the BatteryBar toolbar is still missing from the taskbar in Windows 11. Some users doubt that Windows removes toolbars to result in BatteryBar disappearing. But they don’t know to how to fix BatteryBar disappearing in Windows 11. No wary, this article will tell you the reasons causing BatteryBar missing and the solutions to fix BatteryBar disappearing in Windows 11.

Batterybar not shown

About BatteryBar

BatteryBar is an application software that can display battery power. It is small in size and does not take up memory. The design adopts the most accurate power prediction algorithm today, which can accurately predict how long the battery can be used and display the remaining power at the same time. The percentage value, with BatteryBar you can know the working status of the battery at any time, which is very practical in life.

With Battery Bar you no longer have to estimate how long your battery will last. Battery Bar uses the most accurate power prediction algorithm available today, it can accurately predict how long the battery will last, and simultaneously display the percentage of remaining power The battery bar is highly intelligent, and the longer the software is used, the more accurate its prediction will be. Through the status icon of the software, you can know the working status of the battery at any time: connected to the mains, charging status, built-in battery power supply and low Battery status. When the battery is extremely low, Battery Bar will automatically shut down the computer. BatteryBar is an easy-to-use battery detection tool. After installing the software, the software will display the battery power, capacity, discharge ratio, battery status, available time and battery consumption information in detail. Through this information, you will learn more about the usage of your battery and do a good job in battery optimization.

Why BatteryBar missing or disappearing?

As we all know, Windows 11 is officially released just for a few months. There are still lots of bugs and fixes need to do. the reason why BatteryBar is not shown on the taskbar in Windows 11 is that Windows 11 currently does not allow users to customize the taskbar. therefore, these third party programs which try to change or customize the taskbar will be forbidden.

However, today’s disappearing does not mean the tomorrow. Windows 11 has been working on improving and fixing bugs. Hope the taskbar customization comes soon.

How to Fix BatteryBar missing or disappearing

Now, you might know that the BatteryBar not shown is not your computer’s problem. And Windows 11 needs some time to fix it. However, if you want to show BatteryBar in Windows 11 soon. there are two ways to fix it. keep reading.

Fix BatteryBar Missing via Refresh Driver

Although you can’t see the BatteryBar shown in your Windows 11, it didn’t exactly disappear.

  • Look in Device Manager, you will find some unknown devices.
  • Right-click on there, and then click on refresh driver. The battery icon will appear.

Actually, Windows 10 users also encounter the same issue. Everytime when you start the computer, you need to repeat to refresh driver, otherwise the BatteryBar missing issue will happen again.

Fix BatteryBar Missing via Floating Mode

BatteryBar installer includes two modes, BatteryBar toolbar mode and floating toolbar. In most cases, uers are used to the BatteryBar toolbar mode. But now BatteryBar toolbar mode is not working in Windows 11. therefore, if you want to continue to use BatteryBar, you can try to choose BatteryBar floating mode to check if BatteryBar appears in Windows 11.

  • Download BatteryBar to reinstall it.
  • Choose BatteryBar Floating Toolbar when installing.
  • Follow the setup guide to finish the installation.

Now, you will see the BatteryBar appearing in Windows 11!


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