EdgeDeflector Was Blocked by Microsoft

After updating to Windows 11, you may find that Microsoft has made it much more difficult to set other browsers except Edge as your default browser. To make things worse, Microsoft has blocked EdgeDeflector to force users to use Edge and its search engine – Bing on Windows 11/10.

For more help on how to set default browser on Windows 11.

What’s EdgeDeflector?

EdgeDeflector Was Blocked by Microsoft

As you know, there are many links that will be asked to open in Microsoft Edge, but you just want to browse them in other browsers.EdgeDeflector is a good choice for users, because it can help users to intercept links that forces Microsoft Edge to open and redirects it to your default web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera or even Safari.On the Github page, it is stated that it will work transparently in the background after install it.And it is compatible with Windows 11 and Windows 10.

Even though now it has been blocked by Microsoft, by its developer is taking effort to make it work again.

How to download and install EdgeDeflector?

  • Click here to download the latest version;
  • After downloading, run the installer to install it;
  • Follow the manual settings guide on the page EdgeDeflector opened;
  • After installation, you don’t need to choose the browser for EdgeDeflector. It will automatically pick up the default browser you preferred in the Windows settings.

Except for the EdgeDeflector, Firefox has also gone a further step to make it easier to change the default browser by clicking Set Firefox as default browser in the popup after restart it.


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