Easy Steps to Pin More Apps to Windows 11 Start Menu

Microsoft released the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22509 to Dev Channel these days. The highlighted feature attracts all users is the Start Menu customization. In this article, the easy steps to pin more apps or folders as shortcuts to Start Menu will be introduced.

How to pin more apps to Windows 11 Start Menu?

It will be much more efficient for work if more shortcuts added in the Start Menu, without finding or searching for the files or apps at different interfaces get what we need. Start Menu pins just gives us quick access of anything for frequent use.

Step 1: Click Win icon on the Taskbar to launch Start Menu;
Step 2: Right click anywhere in the blank area and click on Start settings;

Start settings in Windows 11

Step 3: The Personalization interface will pop up; on the interface, select More pins under the layout area;

More Pins Settings in Win 11

Step 4: Click Win icon on the Taskbar to launch Start Menu again, and you will see there is one more row for you to pin more apps according to your own needs;

Pin More Apps to Start Menu

Step 5: Choose the apps you want to pin to finish the settings;

All the steps above are the ways to customize the More pins. If you need to pin more apps or folders as shortcut for More recommendations, please just repeat step 1 to step 3. But in step 3, choose More recommendations. And then go forward to step 4 and step 5 to get the More recommendation settings done.

More Recommendations in Start Menu

Although you might not install this new version, we believe it will be soon available for all Windows 11 users later. Startallback and Start 11 are also the replacing plan for your to customize the Windows 11 start menu and get back to the classic one. You can read our another article: Start11 VS StartAllBack Customizes Start Menu and Taskbar in Windows 11


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