Download & Install Tiny11 (Windows 11 Lite Version)

Due to Windows 11’s strict hardware requirements, it can be difficult to use on devices with older hardware. While there are ways to bypass these limitations, there’s nothing to do with Windows 11’s large footprint and large number of components. Therefore, running Windows 11 on unsupported hardware will result in a bad experience. fortunately, Tiny11 can solve this problem.

Tiny11 is a stripped-down version of the original Windows 11 version 22H2. It requires only 8GB of drive space (over 20GB for Windows 11), and 2GB of RAM. Moreover, Tiny11 doesn’t require Trusted Platform Module or Secure Boot. It means those computers which do not meet the requirements for TPM and secure boot can upgrade from Windows 10 to Tiny11.

Tiny11 only provides essential components such as Accessibility Tools, Windows Terminal, Microsoft Store, Calculator, Notepad and Paint. Since there is no Microsoft Edge on Tiny11, so you will not be forced to use Edge. Tiny11 uses an offline account by default, but you can use a Microsoft account.

Download Tiny11

Tiny11 is available to download now.

The ISO is available to download directly, which will be approximately 3GB.

In summary, Tiny11 totally meets the daily use. It consumes fewer resources and does not have strict hardware requirement. However, you need a valid key to activate Tiny11. Alternatively, you can use third-party apps such as TIW11 for a similar experience.


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