ChatGPT: Temporary Phone Number for Verification

If you are in the regions which do not support ChatGPT, you will not be allowed to sign up for ChatGPT. Because there are two verification steps from OpenAI and you are request to input the SMS verification code. As we all known, ChatGPT is popular in the world. All users in this world want to try the ChatGPT service as soon as possible. Fortunately, we will tell you the effective ways to sign up ChatGPT with temporary phone number.

What is Temporary Phone Number for ChatGPT

Temporary phone number is an online service which provides you temporary phone numbers used for ChatGPT verification. It is safe to use. Because you have no need to use your own phone number which may be tracked by tracker. Therefore, temporary phone number protects your privacy online. Moreover, those users in regions unavailable for ChatGPT can use the temporary phone number to receive SMS and then successfully sign up the ChatGPT account.

How to Sign Up ChatGPT with Temporary Phone Number?

Step 1: Prepare IP address

First, please use an IP address from a country supported by OpenAI ChatGPT by connecting a VPN, such as the IP address of the United States, Korea, Japan, India, and Singapore. Do not use Hong Kong or Chinese IP addresses.

Step 2: Get a temporary phone number

Click the following button to get temporary phone number for ChatGPT. It’s a free online service from AnonymSMS whereby you can Receive SMS Online, without using your own mobile/cell number.

Step 3: Register for OpenAI ChatGPT

Sign up for ChatGPT with a temporary phone number. An SMS verification code from OpenAI ChatGPT will be sent to a temporary phone number and displayed for you to review.


Now you have successfully signed up a ChatGPT account on OpenAI without using your own phone number! You can sign up a ChatGPT account even in the region unavailable for ChatGPT.


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