Change Field of View (FOV) in Overwatch 2

FOV refers to the area seen in front. The in-game FOV can be changed to see more areas. This article will explain how to change the FOV in Overwatch 2 to improve the Overwatch 2 gameplay experience.

What is the Field of View in Overwatch 2?

As mentioned above, changing the FOV allows for a more vertical and horizontal view that gives you a better understanding of everything around you. A wider FOV can also lead to a better gaming experience.

How to Change the Field of View in Overwatch 2

Next, we will introduce the detailed steps to change Overwatch 2 FOV on PC and the best FOV settings.

Changing Overwatch 2 FOV on PC

Follow the steps below to change the field of view in Overwatch 2 on PC:

  • Press the Esc button to open the game’s main menu.
  • From the menu, click Options.
  • Click Video Options in the left sidebar.
  • Drag the Field of View slider to the left to decrease the FOV, and to the right to increase the FOV.
  • After setting the FOV, click Apply.

Range of FOV settings in Overwatch 2

The FOV in Overwatch 2 can be set between 80 and 103. Players can choose between 80 and 103 according to their needs.

Low field of view

Overwatch 2 minimum FOV is set to 80. It will be usable in cramped environments when the field of view is low. Set a low FOV to focus more on small details.

High field of view

Overwatch 2 max FOV is set to 103. High FOV has more field of view and is suitable for wide environments. With a high FOV, though, gamers have a hard time spotting enemies at great distances.

So the FOV setting is completely dependent on whether the player wants high FOV or low FOV. Different players may have different settings, so try different FOV settings to see what works best for you.

Changing the field of view in Overwatch 2 on consoles

Changing the Overwatch 2 FOV is only available for PC users. Playing Overwatch 2 on consoles like Xbox, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch, there is no way to change its FOV.


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