Can I Run Windows on Intel i5-4690 Processor?

The new Windows 11 has a more stricter system and hardware requirements to ensure the system performance than that of the previous system versions. Then it’s not strange that many devices with certain Intel or AMD processors can not install and run Windows 11 well. The Intel i5-4690 processor is also not an exception that Windows 11 can not run based on it. You can’t run Windows 11 on a Intel i5-4690 processor, as i5-4690 is not on the list of Windows 11 supported Intel processors.

Why is Intel i5-4690 processor incompatible with Windows 11?

Users who’re planning to upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11 are seeking the answers why my PC is not compatible with my PC with Intel i5-4690 processor?

As Microsoft improves the system requirements of the hardware for the new system, the Intel i5 4th generation Core processors are not compatible with the latest Windows 11 operating system, as it lacks vital security features like the TPM chip and the officially released supported processors are selected by comparing several parameters. And Microsoft is making effort to support i7 Generation or even higher generation, while i5-4690 may be not even in the frame.

Therefore, many users may not upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11. Or the proved negative effects of installing Windows 11 on unsupported PC may cause the system stuck, system crash or other system issues may occur, according to the test results. What’s more, some processors running Windows 11 have a higher hardware crash rate than the benchmark hardware crash rate on the computer. This generation of Intel processors are not among the supported list released by Microsoft.

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When will Intel i5-4690 be compatible with Windows 11?

Although the reasons for why is Intel i5-4690 processor incompatible with Windows 11 have not been ensured by Microsoft, some users with older hardware configuration are still expecting Intel i5-4690 processor can support Windows 11 in the further. However, Microsoft tested various processors and hardware devices to ensure the performance of Windows 11. The tool old processors will be not supported in the future. It have been a few months after the Windows 11 is officially released, Microsoft still doesn’t update the list of Windows 11 supported Intel processors.

Can Intel i5-4690 processor run Windows 11?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the Intel i5-4690’s incompatibility with Windows 11 means you won’t be able to get the official Windows 11 update in your Windows 10 computer. The Windows Update program will block the incompatible systems, meaning that you cannot update to Windows 11 through the normal update program. But things do not go worse, because you can still install Windows 11 on Intel i5-4690 based processor by installing Win 11 on unsupported PCs. It could be done only if the system security and system performance are not your first concern about this new system.

Other options for using Windows 11 on Intel i5-4690 based computers

Buy a new processor

Since the Intel i5-4690 is not compatible with Windows 11, you may consider purchasing a new processor that is compatible with Windows 11 and will work with your existing motherboard.

Buy a new computer
Buy a new computer with Windows 11 or buy another computer with an Intel 8th generation or later processor.


In summary, Intel i5-4690 based computers cannot run Windows 11. However, you can still do a clean install of Windows 11 on an Intel i5-4690 computer by bypassing TPM 2.0. But it’s worth nothing that your computer won’t receive any security updates.


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