Can I Run Stardew Valley on Windows 11?

Recently, lots of users reported on different forums that Stardew Valley is not compatible with Windows 11. Users even can’t start Stardew Valley on Windows 11. Therefore, can Stardew Valley run on Windows 11? Is Stardew Valley really not compatible with Windows 11. How should you do if you are facing the problem Stardew Valley can’t launch on Windows 11. No worry, all of these problems can be solved in this article. Keep reading.

About Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is an open country simulation business game developed by ConcernedApe and published by Chucklefish, the creator of Astral Frontier.

In the game, players take on the role of the protagonist of Stardew Valley, who inherited the grandfather’s farm, to open up and manage the entire small ranch.

After starting the game, players can create their favorite characters by pinching people. The characters have a total of 24 skin tones, 32 hairstyles, 112 clothes, and 20 accessories.


Stardew Valley has two different attributes of life and energy.

Life: The UI is located to the left of the energy value in the lower right corner of the UI. Health is only displayed when the character is full of health or is in a mine. Outside of the mine, the character will only drain health when hit by a train on the railroad, or attacked by slimes in the Secret Forest and Slime House.

Energy: Players consume energy when using tools, fishing, fighting, or eating food that reduces energy. Players is able to restore energy by eating various foods and soaking in hot springs. If the player runs out of energy, the regeneration effect is reduced by half. Eating a star fruit permanently increases the player’s maximum energy by 34.


Stardew Valley has five different life skills, namely farming, mining, gathering, fishing and fighting. Each skill has ten levels, and each level of skill will unlock different props.

Players can use different tools for different daily tasks to accumulate skill experience points in this field, and then improve the corresponding skill level. Higher skill levels allow players to unlock synthetic recipes in the field, or choose a huge bonus special skill to further enhance the character’s specialties. It should be noted that the recipes unlocked by skill upgrades can only be obtained after the end of the day and the automatic save.

Stardew Valley System Requirements

First of all, let’s check the Stardew Valley system requirements. the basic preconditions to play Stardew Valley on Windows 11 requires that your Windows 11 hardware should meet the Stardew Valley system requirements. Therefore, let’s have a quick look through the Stardew Valley system requirements.

System RequirementsMinimumRecommended
OSWindows 7 or greaterWindows 7 or greater
CPU 2 GhzIntel Core 2 Duo E4400 or AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4200+
Memory2 GB RAM2 GB RAM
Video cardGraphics card with 256 MB video memory, Shader model 3.0+AMD Radeon X1900 GT or NVIDIA GeForce GT 340.
Vertex shader3.03.0
Pixel Shader3.03.0
Storage500 MB500 MB
Dedicated video RAM256 MB256 MB

Stardew Valley Won’t Work Windows 11? Why?

Although your hardware meets the Stardew Valley system requirements, you might also face the problem that Stardew Valley can’t start on Windows 11. Why? we listed some reasons causing Stardew Valley not launching on Windows 11. let’s check them one by one.

  • Outdated system causing Stardew Valley not working.
  • Outdated GPU driver causing Stardew Valley not launching.
  • Conflicts from third party programs causing Stardew Valley crashing.
  • Stardew Valley doesn’t run as administrator.
  • Overlay in games.
  • Bugs in Stardew Valley.

Fix Stardew Valley Not Launching on Windows 11?

Now, we have learned the reasons that might cause Stardew Valley not launching on Windows 11. Next, we will provide some solutions to fix this issue. there are several ways to solve this problem, try them one by one.

Enable Stardew Valley Game Compatibility Mode

Check if the game compatibility mode of Stardew Valley is enabled. If not, you need enable the compatibility mode of Stardew Valley at first.

  • Right-click Steam icon to click on Properties.
  • Now click on the Compatibility tab in the Properties window.
  • Tick the checkbox next to Run this program in compatibility mode for (Windows 7 recommended).
  • Click on Apply and then on OK.

Then, restart your computer to check if Stardew Valley can run on Windows 11.

Disable Unnecessary Apps for Stardew Valley

  • Press Win plus X keys and select Task Manager.
  • Choose Processes tab, all apps using data will be in the Network list.
  • End the apps that use the most data.
Close all apps using network
Close all apps using network

Run Stardew Valley as an Administrator

As we all know, some games need the administrator permission to run, so does Stardew Valley. You should enable the option run this program as an administrator. Follow the steps below.

  • Right-click Stardew Valley icon and select Properties.
  • Choose the Compatibility tab on the properties window.
  • Tick the box before the option Run as administrator and then hit on Apply.
Run the game as an administrator
Run the game as an administrator

Check Stardew Valley Game Files

check the game files of Stardew Valley to fix Stardew Valley not launching on Windows 11.

  • Go to Library in Steam and right-click on Stardew Valley >Properties.
  • Go to Local Files > Verify integrity of game files.
Verify integrity of game files
Verify integrity of game files

Update Graphics Card Driver for Stardew Valley

Usually, outdated drivers may cause the conflicts on your computer. That’s why you should always keep your drivers update to date. However, it is a little bit difficult for common users to find the outdated, missing or incorrect drivers. Thanks to third party programs, they make drive updating easier for nonprofessional users.

Update graphics driver manually

  • Open Settings by pressing Windows+i keys.
  • In Settings, click Windows Update in the sidebar, then select Advanced Options.
  • In Advanced Options, scroll down and click Optional Updates.
  • Click the Driver Updates section header to expand it.
  • Check the box beside any driver you’d like to update and click Download & Install.
How to Change Screen Resolution in Windows 11 or 10

Update graphics driver by third party program – Driver Booster.

  • Download and install Driver Booster.
  • Scan outdated drivers on your PC.
  • Update the graphics card driver.

Update Windows 11

beside the outdated drivers, uutdated Windows version might cause Stardew Valley not launching. Because Windows might also have some bugs in some version. And a new Windows version will fix some bugs in the last version. so you are recommended to update your Windows 11 to see if Stardew Valley can’t run normally.

  • Click on start menu and search for Update>Check for updates>Install the latest update.
  • Restart your PC to check if you can play Stardew Valley on Windows 11.
Update windows
Update windows

Obviously, Stardew Valley can run on Windows 11 as long as your hardware meets the Stardew Valley requirements. you don’t need worry even you find Stardew Valley can’t start after you installed Windows 11. There are always solutions to fix problems. find the effective one to quickly solve Stardew Valley not launching issue.


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