Can I Run Horizon Zero Dawn on Windows 11?

After players upgraded to Windows 11, some of them reported that they can’t play Horizon Zero Dawn after, and some reported that it get stuttering in Windows 11. Therefore, users are not sure whether Horizon Zero Dawn can run on Windows 11. This article will tell you the answer can I run Horizon Zero Dawn and how to stop it stuttering on Windows 11.

About Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is a third-person action role-playing game developed by Sony’s first-party studio Guerrilla Games and released by Sony on February 28, 2017. On August 6, 2020, the PC version was officially released.

Can I Run Horizon Zero Dawn on Windows 11

The game tells that in the distant future, human civilization has ended, the destroyed planet is being rebuilt, humans are not the optimal species, and highly developed intelligent mechanical beasts sit firmly at the top of the food chain. Aroy, the man, embarks on an adventure to unravel some of the mysterious events surrounding her.

Can I Run Horizon Zero Dawn on Windows 11?

If you want to play Horizon Zero Dawn on Windows 11, please check the system requirements of the game to confirm can you run Horizon Zero Dawn on Windows 11 device, before you do any system or hardware modifications.

System Requirements of Horizon Zero Dawn

System RequirementsMinimumRecommended
OSWindows 10 64-bitsWindows 10 64-bits
CPUIntel Core i5-2500K@3.3GHz or AMD FX 6300@3.5GHzIntel Core i7-4770K@3.5GHz or Ryzen 5 1500X@3.5GHz
Video CardNvidia GeForce GTX 780 (3 GB) or AMD Radeon R9 290 (4GB)Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 (6 GB) or AMD Radeon RX 580 (8GB)
Vertex Shader5.05.1
Pixel Shader5.05.1
Free Disk Space100 GB100 GB
Dedicated Video RAM3 GB6 GB

How to Fix Dead by Daylight Stuttring on Windows 11?

If your computer didn’t meet the minimum requirements of Horizon Zero Dawn, please upgrade to your hardware. While, if your system and hardware meet the requirements of the game and it is still not working smoothly, please refer to the solutions below to fix Horizon Zero Dawn stuttering on your Windows 11/10 devices.

  • Turn on fullscreen of the game for full hardware power;
  • Turn off adaptive performance in your game;
  • Turn on hardware accelerated GPU scheduling
  • Set HorizonZeroDawn.exe to high performance;
  • Restart your PC;

If the above solutions don’t work, please try the following steps:

  • Turn off the third-party antivirus tool or Windows Defender, or add Horizon Zero Dawn to its white list to allow it to run on Windows 11;
  • Run antivirus tool to detect and remove virus or malware;
  • Run as Administrator. Right click on the Horizon Zero Dawn icon > select Properties > click on Compatibility tab and check Run this program as an administrator > click OK.
  • Download and install the the latest Graphics driver. You need to go to the manufacturer website to find the drivers corresponding with your specific flavor of Windows version and download the driver manually. Or run device manager on Windows 11 to let the system to detect and update the drivers for you

Although there are some problems resulting in that Horizon Zero Dawn can’t work or launch on Windows 11, we try our best to help you to check can you run Horizon Zero Dawn on your Windows system and find out the solutions to fix Horizon Zero Dawn not working on Windows 11.


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