Can AMD FX 8350 Run Windows 11?

AMD FX 8350 is a 7th generation AMD CPU, launched in 2012. After the official release of Windows 11, AMD FX 8350 users are worried about compatibility with Windows 11. In fact, AMD FX 8350 processors are not compatible with Windows 11. Next, this article will tell you why AMD FX 8350 cannot run Windows 11.

Why is AMD FX 8350 not compatible with Windows 11?

The AMD FX 8350 is not compatible with Windows 11 for the following reasons:

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TPM 2.0

A TPM is an encryption key that enhances the privacy and security of your computer.

Microsoft introduced the TPM 2.0 chip concept in Windows 11 to make Windows 11 more secure because the TPM chip is tamper-proof. Malware cannot tamper with the security features of the TPM.

Most PCs shipped from 2016 support TPM 2.0, while AMD FX 8350 processor-based PCs were introduced around 2011-2012; therefore, these PCs do not support TPM 2.0 chips and are not compatible with Windows 11.

Secure Boot

Another security feature introduced by Windows 11 is Secure Boot. Secure Boot is a feature that prevents attackers from compromising the operating system or installing different bootloaders into IoT devices.

Simply put, Safe Boot prevents malware from loading when your PC starts up. But PCs based on AMD FX processors are not Secure Boot; therefore, these PCs are not compatible with Windows 11.

Graphics card

Windows 11 requires a computer with a graphics card compatible with Direct X 12 or higher and WDDM 2.0 drivers.

Used to improve gaming in Windows 11. Direct X 12 is a graphics API for Windows and the Xbox family that can add stunning graphics to PC games. But AMD FX 8350 based PCs are not compatible with Direct X 12; therefore, AMD FX 8350 processor based PCs are not compatible with Windows 11.


To install Windows 11, 64 GB of storage space is required. Windows 11 cannot be installed on an AMD FX 8350-based PC without more than 64G of storage space.


Therefore, users based on AMD FX 8350 processor cannot run Windows 11 due to the above four reasons.


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