Bing Chat Chat Sessions Expanded

Microsoft is rapidly expanding the limits of its Bing Chat chatbot AI on the number of chat sessions. Today, Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s corporate vice president and consumer chief marketing officer, posted a tweet saying that the daily chat round limit has been expanded from 120 to 150. He added that the round limit per session also ranges from 10 to 15.

In the same Twitter message, Mehdi said that the Bing Chat team is making changes to the Balanced option in the Bing Chat Tone Selector.

Testing an optimization on “Balanced” mode to significantly improve perf resulting in shorter, quicker responses. Precise & Creative modes remain unchanged providing a diversity of experiences.

Microsoft is still working on adding more features to Bing Chat. Its first pull request is to add the ability to save chats that the company is working on.


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