Alt+Tab Gets Better for Multitasking in Windows 11

We usually process multiple tasks at the same time on our computer. Although Windows provides us a way to switch among tasks by pressing Alt+Tab, the older version Windows 10 can not accelerate the working efficiency much. Now, there is a good news that Microsoft has make the Alt+Tab switching tasks much more efficient in Windows 11.

As the new Windows 11 is aiming at to get significant improvement on the efficiency, Microsoft has been updated and improved a a lot features. This time, the little improvement of multitasking switch has need added with a blurred background to focus and displaying processing tasks on the top for selection. On Windows 10, even we press the hotkeys, we still need to choose the App name from the menu, but we can directly click on the tasks in the Windows 11.

Alt+Tab Gets Better for Multitasking in Windows 11

This feature is only in the Windows Dev channel for testing. When this would be available for all Windows 11 users is still not clear.


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