How to Download and Install Microsoft PC Manager on Windows 11?

Windows has never been more reliable at cleaning itself up, especially when it comes to application folders and registry files. That’s why apps like CCleaner,Advnced SystemCare have some appeal. While Windows has some native tools for decluttering your PC and improving performance, it’s rare to put them under one hub.

To change that, Microsoft has been working on a new plan to make PC optimizers and cleaner apps worth the money. After months of secrecy, Microsoft’s new PC Manager app has finally been discovered. Here’s everything you need to know about the beta version of the new PC Manager app that Microsoft has been quietly developing.

What is Microsoft PC Manager?

The PC Manager app is a cleaner, performance-enhancing app from Microsoft. Although still in beta, the PC Manager app brings together a variety of different native tools for managing startup applications, cleaning up system clutter, and improving PC performance overall.The PC Manager app runs quietly in the background and can be easily accessed from the system tray. It opens in a minimal side-pane view, similar to OneDrive, and offers a variety of information, health checks and security features – all under one hood.

How to Install PC Manager to Windows 11?

Computer Manager is an app from Microsoft that is available for download on its official website.

Step 1: Click the button below to download PC Manager exe file;

Step 2: Launch the file to begin installing the application and run it.

Wait for the whole process to be finished and you have got PC Manger installed on your Windows 11 devices.

As an alternative to CCleaners and AdvanecedSystemCare, the app is better suited for low-spec PCs. But many people will benefit from Microsoft’s new app, especially those who like to have all their system cleanup and system health utilities under one roof.


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