4 Most Effective Ways to Speed Up Windows 11

Is your Windows 11 computer running a little bit slow? You may be frustrated that why your computer is so slow with this new system? Is it caused by the Win 11 system itself? The answer may be NOT. It might be caused by your old computer or your wrong way to run your computer. In this article I will show you the most effective ways to get a better Windows performance without installing any third-party software.

Sometimes your Windows 11 doesn’t perform as well as you expected. Some minor tweaks on the system will help you can get a faster PC and gaming performance.

How to Speed Up Slow PC

Tip 1: Change Visual Effects for Faster PC Speed

If your computer is too old or the hardware is not powerful enough, the Visual Effects will increase the load of your computer to lead to a slower and slower running speed. But if you get a better understanding on the working mode of Visual Effect you will know how to modify the settings and speed up your PC. Now here the steps are.

Right click on the Windows start button on the Task bar in the center of your screen, and choose the setting option. There are so many choices for you but you only need to click the System. Then scroll down to the bottom to choose About on the left. Then please move your eyes to the top right corner and choose Advanced System Settings. Then in the third tab Advanced will show you Visual effects, processor scheduling, memory usage, and visual memory. Now you can click the Settings button and you will see the very first tab is Visual Effects which lists out the performance options. Let Windows choose what’s best for my computer was checked in default. If you want to have a faster speed, please select the third option Adjust for best performance. Next, go ahead to click Ok to save your above setting.

Tip 2: Choose Specific Apps in Graphic Settings

This tip is to help you customize your PC’s graphic settings for specific apps for better graphic performance. Because whatever you’re surfing online, you need to better gaming or streaming experience. Then you can have a try to customize Graphic Settings in the following steps:

Open the System Setting interface according to the steps in the first tip. Find the Accessibility on the left hand of your screen. Then Select the second option Visual effects which indicates you you can adjust Scroll bars, transparency, animations and notification timeout. After entering into the Visual effects setting, you could disable the Animation effects by clicking on the button on the right hand.

Visual Effects Settings on Windows 11
Animation effects on Windows 11

Windows 11 will take the settings into effects when you’re running the system. And Repeat steps above to customize graphics performance for other minor settings.

Tip 3: Customize Power Plan

The suitable power plan settings will help you save battery energy and accelerate the Windows 11 system performance for faster speed. Because it is a settings collection for both your hardware and system.

Window 11 provides you several default settings:

Balanced – For most us, is the best power plan because it will provide us the full performance for the system and change to save power if we don’t need it.

Power Saver – This will decrease the PC performance, but your laptop’s battery will work for a longer time.

High performance – You can choose this to slightly accelerate the performance of your Windows 11 system. But the battery of your laptop will be exhausted in a shorter time.

Ultimate Performance – That means you will really speed up for your PC by selecting this one, but it also requires a higher hardware configuration.

Custom power plan – You can customize it by yourself if you are familiar with the system, according your own demands.

Here are steps to show you how to change the Power plan to speed up Windows 11

Repeat the steps in the first tip to open System settings -> Click Power & battery ->Click the drop-down options to select the one you need.

Power Mode on Windows 11

You can also optimize your device based on power us and performance in the Power mode option.

Tip 4 Defrag and Optimize Your Drives

You will enjoy a faster file access speed and better PC performance by defragmenting your system and optimizing drivers. But it will take a while to finish the defragment. Click Windows Logo top open Setting interface -> Click Storage settings or you can direct search the Storage setting where you can set the Storage space, drives and configure rules.

Storage settings on Windows 11

After clicking on it, you can select the Advanced storage settings for drive optimization. Just turn on the Scheduled optimization and then drives are analyzed on a scheduled cadence and optimized as you needed.

Drive optimization on Windows 11

To make a conclusion, there are 4 minor tweaks on the Windows 11 settings to make a little better PC. If you need more ways to make your computer run faster, we’d like to update the series of article about it.

If your problems has not been fixed by the following effective tips, please feel free to leave your comment. We’d like to share you more tweaks to speed up your slow PC.


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