4 Fixes: Desktop Window Manager high GPU usage on Windows 11/10

Desktop Windows Manager (also known as DWM.exe) is quite an old process built in Windows system. Thought it is responsible for the managing, inter alia, visual effects on the desktop. While the utilizing of graphics card may takes up high GPU usage, which will result in the slow speed of your computer speed. Therefore, how to fix the Desktop Window Manager high GPU usage on Windows 11/10 comes as a question. This article will give you solutions in detail.

Before going ahead, we do not suggest you to try randomly which may cause severe problems.

Fix 1: Perform a Clean Boot

A clean boot will help us fix most of the system issues, including the DWM.exe high GPU usage. As to many background programs or a software running simultaneously may conflict and lead to the problem.

Perform a clean boot in the following steps may solve it:

  • Type msconfig in the search box;
  • Choose System Configuration, and click Services tab;
  • Check Hide all Microsoft services and then click Disable all;
  • Move to Startup tab and click Open Task manager to disable all the unnecessary running services;
  • Restart your Windows 11/10.
How to Fix Desktop Window Manager high GPU usage on Windows 11/10

Fix 2: Update GPU Driver

Usually, outdated or missing drivers will lead to system issues, so the GPU performance will be possibly affected by outdated drivers. These steps will guide you how to update drivers manually to fix Window Manager high GPU usage on Windows 11/10.

  • Right click on Win icon on Taskbar and select Device Manager;
  • One click on Display adapters;
  • Right-click on the GPU and then choose Update driver option in the drop-down menu;
  • Choose Search automatically for drivers, and Windows 11/10 will automatically search for and install the latest drivers.
  • Then you need to repeat the above steps to update the graphics cards drivers by navigating to graphics card list.

Fix 3: Turn off Fast Startup

The fast startup feature may also cause the DWM.exe high GPU usage on Windows 11/10. The steps below will do you a favor to fix it.

  • Search for Control Panel in the search box;
  • Open Control Panel and make sure the view mode is viewed by small icons;
  • Choose Power options;
  • Select Choose what power buttons do on the left side;
  • Enable Change settings that are currently unavailable;
  • Under Shutdown settings, choose Turn off fast startup and hibernate;
  • Restart your computer.

Fix 4: Change Personalization

As we already know that Desktop Window Manager is built into the system and related to the display effects, trying to change display settings may be also an effective solution. Please follow the guides below:

  • Right click on the blank area on your desktop and choose Personalize;
  • Navigate to Background area and click on Picture to bring down a menu;
  • Under colors section, choose Solid color or create your customized color to stop the background increasing the GPU usage;
  • Turn off Transparency effects;
  • Then in the Themes part, Select either Windows (Light) or Windows (Dark);
  • Back to your desktop or restart it again.


As the high GPU usage will dramatically slow down your Windows 11 or 10 system, you can read the tips below carefully to find the most suitable solutions for your to fix Desktop Window Manager high GPU usage on Windows 11/10.


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