3 Methods to Turn on or off Airplane Mode in Windows 11

Windows 11 has made it easier to quickly enable or disable Airplane mode. In this article, we will show you three main methods step-by-step to turn airplane mode on or off in Windows 11 for those who are usually on business travel.

Method 1: Turn on/off Airplane Mode on Keyboard

Most of the laptop has the hot key to help you turn on or off the airplane mode. My Lenovo laptop hot key is F8. Only press on it, the airplane mode will be enabled or disabled.

Hot Key on Keyboard to Disable or Enable Airplane Mode

Please have a look at your own keyboard to get the right hot keys on the keyboard. Because the keys are often different for the laptop brands.

Method 2: Turn on/off Airplane Mode in Windows 11 with One-click

That is why we say that Microsoft is making things easier. There is an one-click way to get the airplane mode enabled or disabled.

Step 1: Click on the Wi-Fi or Sound icon on the right corner of the taskbar;

Step 2: A simple click on the Airplane Mode button to change the settings.

One-click to Turn on/off Airplane Mode in Windows 11

Then you will see that your Wi-Fi was disabled automatically.

Method 3: Change the Airplane Mode in Windows 11 System Settings

We’re not recommend for your emergent needs, because more steps are required to finish the setting modification. But it is still a valid method.

Step 1: Click on Start Menu icon and choose Settings;

Step 2: Under System settings, select Network & internet;

Step 3: Scroll down and switch the button after Airplane mode to stop or start all wireless communication.

Turn on/off Airplane Mode in System Settings

If you need to change the settings for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, just click on the arrow near the switch button to enter a new interface for more settings.

Before you do all the changes, especially for disabling the Airplane mode, please make sure you don’t need any internet commutation now and then go ahead to turn it off. Otherwise, please keep your internet connected for normal working.


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