2 Easy Ways to Turn On Bluetooth On Windows 11

No matter using a laptop or desktop, you may need a Bluetooth which makes connection or transfer easily and instantly.  Using Bluetooth, you can wirelessly connect your mice, controllers, headsets, keyboard, and other external devices to your Windows 11. But if you want wireless connection via Bluetooth, you need to turn on your Bluetooth on Windows 11 at first.

There are two methods to turn on your Bluetooth on Windows 11. This article will introduce the details of two methods for you. Keep going.

How to Turn On Bluetooth On Windows 11 (Via Action Center)

Open Windows 11 Action Center by click on the Notification at the bottom right corner of screen. And then click on Bluetooth icon on the list appearing after you click on Notification icon.

Turn on Bluetooth in Action Center

Note: If the Bluetooth icon is not presented in the Action Center, you can add the Bluetooth option to Action Center at first.

Click on Edit quick settings which is the pencil icon at the bottom left of Action Center. Then click on Add and select Bluetooth from the list. Next click on Done at the bottom to save it.

Add Bluetooth to Action Center

How to Turn On Bluetooth On Windows 11 (Via Settings)

The other way to turn on Bluetooth is via settings. Launch setting app by searching for Settings in the start menu. Select Bluetooth and devices from the list on the left.

Find Bluetooth in Settings

Then, click on the switch next to Bluetooth.

Turn on Bluetooth in Setting

How to Add and Pair Bluetooth Device On Windows 11?

There is one more step to enjoy your wireless connection after turning on Bluetooth on Windows 11, which is adding or paring Bluetooth device on your computer.

Launch setting app by searching for Settings in the start menu. Navigate to Bluetooth & devices from the list on the left panel and then click on the Add device.

Add Bluetooth Device

Click on the Bluetooth option in the window appeared on your screen next.

Choose Bluetooth option

After that, it will automatically scan for nearby Bluetooth devices. Select the device you want to pair. Then, your device will be connected.

Select the device to connect

This kind of device have no need of authentication. Actually, there is another device connection needs authentication. Take a phone connection for example.

Firstly, enable Bluetooth on the mobile phone and then select your phone on your Windows 11.

select phone to connect

Both of your computer and phone will appear a pin. Click on the Connect on the computer and Pair on your phone. It’s done!

How to Remove a Bluetooth Device On Windows 11?

Now you’ve already known how to turn on, add and pair Bluetooth on Windows 11. But how can you do if you want to remove a Bluetooth device on Windows 11? It’s as easy as adding a Bluetooth device. Let’s have a look.

Locate to the Bluetooth & devices settings and you will see some Bluetooth devices listed on the right panel. Find the Bluetooth device and click on the ellipsis at the top-right corner, and then select the Remove device option.

Remove Bluetooth Device

if you find your Bluetooth is not working even though you make sure that your Bluetooth is turned on. There are five ways to fix Bluetooth not working.


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